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Killer gem from Brazil!!

This is a widely unknown, but excellent and charming conglomerate of Hip Hop, electronic music, Funk, Soul and Jazz with the finest Brazilian music traditions like Samba. Eduardo Bidlovski (Bid) is the composer and producer of this 2005 album and he not only has created a bunch of smooth, but never dull songs. Bid also assembled extraordinary guests for “Bambas & Biratas”.  Black Rio Soul legend Carlos Daffé opens the record with his warm voice on the catchy tune “não pára”, while Samba Queen Elza Soares later proves she also fits perfectly on relaxed tunes. But this is not a record that tries to gather attentions with Brazilian singer legends, the majority are contemporary artists and Brazil has a rich scene which fuses modern influences with traditional aspects. Rapper Black Alien, whizz kid Chico Science or everybody’s darling Seu Jorge are a few of them and also do participate. All in all 56 musicians were involved in this highly recommend work. Vol. 2 is announced for end of the year.

Tua Beleza.



Belém in the northern amazonas state Pará, Brasil, isn´t only a lovely city, but also has to offer a lively music scene with techno-brega as the most famous outcome. But it would be unfair to restrict Belém and its music only on that sound, especially for the great jazz scene and artists in the “Cidade das Mangueiras”. And it would be unfair to bands like Coletivo Rádio Cipó from the bairro Pedreira, which make a collective interference in the regional culture with the universal language of electronic music. Their music fuses Brazilian regional styles funk de morro, samba, carimbó and batucada with hip hop, dub, breakbeat, jungle, ragga – the result is a maconha driven dubby trip to modern urban sounds and comes with an angry political message, pissed off by the miserable conditions and daily violence in the streets, where a single life not even counts a penny.

Coletivo Rádio Cipó are Carlinhos Vaz (drums and effects), Rato Boy (MC), Rodrigo Jamant (MC and programming), Renato Chalú (guitar), Jared das Arabias (bass) and Luis Bolla (percussion), but as a collective many other artists and just the people from the streets can and did participate. Music made through the partnership with the community, integrating popular, as well as urban and peripheral understandings and influences, a process of growth and expansion of the free digital communication.

The record opens with the hipnotic instrumental “cowboy sem lei”, soon reaches with “foguete” the first but not last climax, gets more relaxed for some tracks and has with the aggressive dancefloor pusher “choque eléctrico piau” an impressive wake up call for the the last third of the record. Where it is getting almost jazzy with the out of space dub “amor brejeiro”, with the wonderful vocals of Dona Onete on the mic. She also participates on the mic the following track, “paixão cabocla”, a half samba-half dub, explores the world of Lee Perry and its adepts. The record closes with the 12 minute long “lourinha americana”, as great as the whole record.

Much more varied than all that baile funk stuff and also comes like a rararattattattatt-machine-gun-fire.


PS: M.L. – Música Livre (Copyleft/Creative Commons)!!!


I´m back and in the meanwhile urbanology reached the 100.000th visitor, hurray!

“Tranquilo” is Marcelinho da Lua´s, producer, DJ and singer from Brasil (or the moon?) first record and is anything, but not calm as the title suggests. I don´t want to spend to many words on this record (in fact I´m just to lazy to read all the informations about him, which are only in portuguese), just let you know the record includes a cover version of “Cotidiano” by Chico Buarque, woah. And Marcelinho da Lua is brewing a killer mix of electronic styles on his debut and beside the cover version of that classic brasilian song Seu Jorge and Gilberto Gil are participating. Woah for the third time today, an awesome ecclectic record and I guess you will say whoaah too, after listened to this record.

Um album sem bla bla bla!


Almost everything that Marcos Valle has written or recorded is wonderful, but this is the real deal for brasil groove fans. On this 1973 release Marcos Valle is moving away from the familiar bossa sounds of the 60s towards a radical new interpretation of his brasilian sound. Valle was discovered just after high school when the bossa nova sound was at the height of it’s popularity, he was a fixture on the scene, with many Brazilian artists eager to record his songs. On “previsão do tempo” every bit is as warmly watery as the image of Marcos in a swimming pool on the cover. This warm and energetic mix of tunes fared well with the help of his backing band, who would later become Azymuth, the album was nothing short of innovative and Valle incorporates the textures and moods of European soundtracks and French pop. It has got plenty of nice layers of fender rhodes and moog synthetisers and all songs are killers. This is one of the best brasil records which are beyond bossa nova and samba, groovy as hell. It’s no wonder that the album was one of Valle’s last great recordings – because it’s hard to top “previsão do tempo“.


If you´re into brasilian (soul) music you will love this record, but I can present you almost no information about the artist. It was rereleased on CD a few years ago, is hard to get on vinyl and you have to pay a lot of money for it, but never got much attention like other brasilian artists. This record is a true inspiration:  soulfull vocals, funky grooves, Tropicalismo and Latin influences in general resulted 1974 in a record (as far as I know the only Di Melo release), that seems to be premature for the date of the release. It is time to rediscover this jewel and if you have some more informations about Di Melo, please leave a comment.

It is hard not to fall in love with this record, Samba Soul.

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