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Di Melo – same

Posted on: February 12, 2009


If you´re into brasilian (soul) music you will love this record, but I can present you almost no information about the artist. It was rereleased on CD a few years ago, is hard to get on vinyl and you have to pay a lot of money for it, but never got much attention like other brasilian artists. This record is a true inspiration:  soulfull vocals, funky grooves, Tropicalismo and Latin influences in general resulted 1974 in a record (as far as I know the only Di Melo release), that seems to be premature for the date of the release. It is time to rediscover this jewel and if you have some more informations about Di Melo, please leave a comment.

It is hard not to fall in love with this record, Samba Soul.


16 Responses to "Di Melo – same"

yeah man, this is one of the grooviest records the Brazil ever made…the track “Pernalonga” is really awesome.

Man, your postings just recently have been awesome. And I don’t even LIKE rock music!!

hard to pick one single song, so many songs are outstanding and “pernalonga” is one of these for sure. the record is a must have, hope to get it one day on vinyl, sweet sweet dreams 😉

and thanks for your excitement, it is my fuel to run urbanology

It’s really hard to find out more information about Di Melo. Here in Brazil nobody seems to know him. Maybe the japanese catalogs have more information. They are crazy about our music and have great literacture about it, much batter than in Brazil.

Congratulations for you post. Fantastic.

For my first encounter with your blog, I am very happy and impressed with this download! Thank you, so so good.


I guess I visited this blog so often, I might reach the 100th and I found many impressive downloads here, di melo is one of the best, but so many were before, a big thank you to urbanology!


I’m from Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), this is my firt time in the blog. Di Melo is actually an amazing singer/writer. Matters of money didnt’t let him go on his career. He has released only this CD, wich have an important participation of the brazillian genious Hermeto Pascoal. It was Hermeto’s beginning. Nowadays, Di Melo lives at São Paulo an play songs at bars and restaurants. In my band, The Sequelas do Povo, we always play the song Kilario: http://www.myspace.com/sequelas

I’m sorry. The link for MySpace of the Sequelas do Povo is: http://www.myspace.com/sequelasdopovobrasil

thanks for all your additional informations about di melo, I appreciate your participation very much, greetings!

Di Melo lives in Sao Paulo and plays in bars and restaurants? Wahhhhuuu! I’m gonna look for him, maybe interview him or something like this.

Thanks a lot for the information.
All the best.
Great album of Marcos Valle, congrats!

I´m also eagerly interested in which bars di melo nowadays play in são paulo

I Found Him (in fact, my friends @ Facebook)! Now hi signs as Roberto Melo. His profile and contact:

He is still playing and creating new songs. He posted videos and songs… Go check it out! I’ll try to set up any kind of meeting…
All the best

I see today this vinyl record in ebay!!!

thank you so much tetel, hope to see him play in sao paulo soon, wonderfull wonderfull wonderfull!!

and woah, the record at ebay, lets see how the price will rise 🙂

and did one of you buy it?


US $208,50
ca. EUR 147,06

???? fucking expensive, but the vinyl is extrem rare

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