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Since the demise of the Anti-Pop Consortium, Beans is the first to re-emerge, following his “Nude Paper” EP released three years ago on Mo’wax before this release from 2003, with a collection of broken hip-hop beats and progressive lo-fi backdrops. With this record, he makes good on all the promises he left with the impressive testament of APC, delivering songs that stay in the brain and lock you into humming til the day runs out. With the infectious steel drums of “Phreek the Beet”, the lo-fi electro-dub of “Hot Venom”, or the winding loop-to-loop flutes of “Mutescreamer”. All this seems destined to redefine the word fresh. Beans pays homage to the gods of early 80s drum machines with powerbook programming, like it was recorded in a vacuum, all clipped and dry and closed-in, a paradox of time where the cadence of Bronx 1979 meets the vision of Brooklyn 2003. Relying on tight rhythmic loops layered over the sound structures, “Tomorrow right now” is surprisingly quite catchy at times, but don´t take the APC sound for granted by any means, Beans is his own man here, building on his former band’s soundscapes. By the way, Anti-Pop Consortium stated that they reunited with the intention of touring and releasing a new record!

Phreek The Beet


The Anti-Pop Consortium draw a experimental medium somewhere between the streets and the laptop, with cerebral lyrics straight from the poetry cafe. The largely sterile and inorganic beats, favoring programming over sampling dusty vinyl, are progressive and the arrhythmic beats the bumping heart of the Anti-Pop Consortium (Beans, Sayyid, and High Priest). The three are similarly unconventional in their lyrics, more in their weird, considered, always heady content, than in how they flow. Just listen to how a track like “Ping Pong” plays with you, whose stereo-effected beats are really the click-clacking of a table-tennis-ball being played. And they manage to do some groovy things over that.

The record is on Warp, so everything sounds synthetisized and worked up on computers, of course! This album should be listened to both by the hip hop crowd and the electronica lovers. This is the sort of experimental hip hop that tries to deconstruct and rebuild the discipline of hip-hop from the ground up. These songs repeatedly undercut the listener’s conceptions of what experimental hip-hop should be all about. APC split up right after bringing the quality of their work to this high point in 2002. Beans recorded some solo stuff after the split up, Sayyid and High Priest are now releasing as Airborne Audio.

Disturb the equilibrium

Raw, gritty, a dizzying narcotic rush – Tadd Mullinix a.k.a. Dabrye created an unstoppable manifesto with this album. When the Jedi Mind Tricks just reproduce the every day violence of a system that let people starving to death and forces everybody to work yourself to death and so JMT become a part of this violence themselves, Dabrye creates cold beats that mirror and break the modern enslavement at the same time, like Detroit Techno also did. His first works were just instrumental and more minimalistic, detail-driven creations. On two/three he has invited some MCs, but kept up his personal style balancing crackling trap kit beats against gossamer melodies and bass lines that reference jazz and electro in equal measure, rooted more in hip hop than ever before and emerging at the forefront of hip-hop’s new wave! And with guests like MF Doom, Beans, Wildchild, Guilty Simpson, Waajeed, AG or Day Jee really nothing can go wrong. Two/Three, the second offering in a trilogy of albums, bridges the gap between One/Three’s slinky minimalist hip-hop, and shows a promising glimpse of what lay ahead. One of the best records from 2006 and still on the top in 2007!

Danger! Extremely flammable liquid and vapor may cause flash fire!

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