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Rainbownorth is so kind to let us post Fat Freddy´s Drop “Live at the Matterhorn” here, thanks for your work!

From Sydney Morning Herald:

“Word of mouth alone saw their debut release, Live at the Matterhorn, sell 9000 copies (that’s a gold record in Kiwiland) in a few months. It’s doubly remarkable when you consider that it was a 70 minute CD with only four tracks on it.”


Though most of these songs are not played anymore, Runnin’ has become a live and fan favourite. This is not FFD at their absolute zenith, but is still a really tight recording. Trombonist Ho Pepa is not present at this point,but the horns section is still crisp and tight, the vocals smooth as always, and the keys are very nice. My personal favourite is Rain, though all of the songs are listenable.

Contrary to the current Fat Freddy´s Drop, on this recording from 2001 the band here is a little bit more into Jazz, today they are more into Reggae, seems they exchanged the emphasis. The recording quality of this live take is good.

Four songs, 70 Minutes.

And here is more to come, again provided by rainbownorth, a a radio session they did in the localised Wellington area, for a station called Radio Active FM. The quality is pretty nice all the way through (192 kbps mp3), all tracks are excellent, but my personal favourites are The Nod and Midnight Marauders: the first for its pure fat booty funk, and the second for its soulful beauty and incredibly beautiful lyrics and vocals. Hope and Midnight Marauders have been played before on other recordings (the first I have is a BBC session for Giles Peterson), but these are some of the most complete and extensive recordings, and they certainly sound as good as I’ve ever heard this band. Somewhere around there is a video for this session, and I’d kill to get it, but have no idea how I would ever see it, considering how few people I know have this…I haven’t even given it to all of my friends who follow this band. Anyway, hearing it is just as good, so enjoy!

Radio Active FM Session


Some of the interesting reggae tunes are actually from an island, but not Jamaica as you could expect (serving good stuff as well), it´s New Zealand. Innovative reggae mixed with soul and some other influences. Besides Salmonella Dub the most promising band is Fat Freddy´s Drop, their record is stunning, their live shows are overwhelming. You can grab their highly anticipated “Based on a true story” full length debut here or here (both via skafunkrastapunk). Vocalist Joe Dukie and DJ Fitchie also released some songs beside Fat Freddy´s Drop, less reggae influences, more (instrumental) hip hop and soul. This 12inch contains two tracks and a instrumental version of “seconds”, all are killers and don´t miss them if you like the Fat Freddy´s Drop stuff! Are you grounded?

Great expectations, first time listened in a hurry: okay, but nothing special. A few days later, listened again to the new Nextmen Record on Antidote Records. This time mind and ears focused on the music and it worked out well: came up to expectations! Producer Nextmen presents a very varied record and the features are the same. You have to read it twice to believe:

Joe Dukie from Fat Freddy´s Drop (here named as Dallas, seems he has a new alter ego), on two soulfull tracks, sound a little bit like the Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie (DJ from Fat Freddy´s Drop) project years ago. He competes with the opener “Let it roll”, with Soul-Voice and Workaholic Alice Russell on the mic.

Dynamite MC. Of course on two bangish Dancehall-infiltrated songs, instead Grime-MC Sway chills down on his track with Bridgitte Amofah. You want more? Ok, Kidz in the Hall (actually touring with the Roots), LSK, Zarif, Niney the Observer, Demolition Man – the Nextmen got them all!

Once again a proof that the UK is back on the map. Essential summer listening!

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