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Though William Elliott Withmore has yet to reach 30, with his gravelly voice he can sing with dignity about themes of mortality, loss and redemption. The guy has definitively a singing voice you normally would expect from older men.  With his stripped-down instrumentation of banjo and guitar – occasionally augmented by a bare-bones band – William Elliott Whitmore taps into the most primal themes of inescapable death and unforgivable sin. And you will ask yourself why this man with a banjo can silence your voice and goosebump your skin. He’s not pushing the boundaries of his chosen genre. But there’s something arresting in Will’s love for this old music, his love and respect for the genre give the songs a magic feeling. I can sit on my balcony in the noisy metropolis (at least the people living here think it is an important metropolis), close my eyes and imagine sitting on William´s farm in Iowa.

Diggin my grave.

Though he has yet to reach 30, his gravelly voice; themes of mortality, loss, and redemption

Since 1970’s the Benelux countries became a rich source of experimenting musicians. The leading Belgian songwriter Stef Kamil Carlens was co-founder of the premium band dEUS. Between 1994-96 he recorded with them 3 highly successful albums and also his own legendary Moondog Jr. In 1997 Carlens left dEUS and started equally triumphant Zita Swoon, a band sailing like a magic spaceship between styles of past and future. Critics often struggle when it comes to categorizing the Zita Swoon sound, but retro-wave meets smoky, laid-back lounge blues will do for now. Zita Swoon are cultural nomads, their music is a journey through the long tradition of popular music, going from the absurd funk of Funkadelic over the era of singer-songwriters as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, towards the eclecticism of Tom Waits or Einstürzende Neubauten and the programmed sounds of Aphex Twins, DJ Shadow or Howie B. In a single song a total musical trip experience is to be discovered. A kindred spirit is found in musician as Beck, who feeds every concert and record with references to a long music history.

If there’s a single narrative thread linking the Zita Swoon songs together, it’s Carlen’s overwhelming passion for women and the complex emotional entanglement of love. Consider just the titles of albums like I Paint Pictures on a Wedding Dress (1998), Life = A Sexy Sanctuary (2001) and A Song About a Girls (2004), which proved to be instantly enjoyable, warm recordings with strong songs, lyrics in frensh and english.

A song about a…

I mashed up the info out of these two texts.

And now for something completely different: Nedelle. Her new release – recorded with the help of Chris Cohen (The Curtains), Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) and some other guys, published by the Indie 7Tangram Records – succeeds more than ever before her goal: Synthesis. The multilayered songs inhere a fascinating fragility, Nedelle creates unusual, sometimes disturbing songs. Listen to the wonderful cello bubbles in “I hate A mountain”, contrasting with the refrain. Or the melancholic “Poor little City boy”, following to “Your Fiancé” – an outburst of life. But the synthesis doesn´t take place in each song, she provokes you to view on the complete work. And this work is outstanding in the singer/songwriter class.

Oh no, don´t tell me what comes next! Oh no, let me make up the rest!

Ok Nedelle, we give you the opportunity – let her sing for you.

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