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Not many information available about this Jam Band from Tel Aviv, which kindly gives us a hint with their group name. If you like modern Afrobeat-based bands like Antibalas, you can hop on the train, the waggons beside Afrobeat are Funk, Soul, Jazz, diverse Latin styles, Hip Hop and some Mideast influences.  Sounds promising? It is!

Anikuku consists of DJ Sabbo, member of the fantastic Soulico crew, who plays a prominet role in the band and which results in a different sound compared to bands like Antibalas; the several times at urbanology featured Kutiman; Yaya Cohen Aharonov (bass) and Shlomi Alon (sax) from the highly recommend hebrew Hip Hop/Funk group Hadag Nahash, as well as Ilan Arad (sax) and Idan K (percussions, dijeridoo).

Just having Funk!


Red Astaire

A collection of the songs which made Red Astaire a.k.a. Freddy Cruger from Gothenburg/Sweden famous around the world. Hip-hop flavored beats and breaks for the headz with a touch of Latin flavor, inclusive smash hit “follow me” and several other tunes which only were available as 12inch singles so far and floated through the airwaves regulary. But several songs are previously unreleased, with styles ranging from reggae-soul (“whatcha do”) , gospel-boogie (“gods way”) and rough breakbeat funk (“down 2 earth”) the Red man’s got all angles covered. The swedish funkateer collects together his best illicit reworks for this full album of dancefloor killers, if you don´t know yet you should check it out as soon as possible.

No Mo´


If you´re into brasilian (soul) music you will love this record, but I can present you almost no information about the artist. It was rereleased on CD a few years ago, is hard to get on vinyl and you have to pay a lot of money for it, but never got much attention like other brasilian artists. This record is a true inspiration:  soulfull vocals, funky grooves, Tropicalismo and Latin influences in general resulted 1974 in a record (as far as I know the only Di Melo release), that seems to be premature for the date of the release. It is time to rediscover this jewel and if you have some more informations about Di Melo, please leave a comment.

It is hard not to fall in love with this record, Samba Soul.

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