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Bole 2 Harlem – Volume 1

Posted on: August 14, 2010

While music enthusiasts are digging Ethiopian funk and soul of the ’60s and ’70s, some releasing mixes of their germs, David Schommer gathers some musicians in New York with an Ethiopian background and records an awesome fusion of Ethiopian roots and Hip Hop. Schommer is deep into Ethiopian culture and music. With Ethiopian-American Amharic rapper Maki Siraj, Bahia-born percussionist and Stomp cast-member Davi Vieira, cellist Dave Eggar, Ethiopian bassist Henok Tenesgen, and Malian kora-player Balla Tounkara he created a beat-driven trans-atlantic collaboration. With his incredibly clean programming abilities, Schommer created one of the most unique takes on modern Ethiopian music. Hip-hop and soul vocal hooks are scattered throughout, but the overall effect is a caravan of nomadic spirits banging on heavy percussion, penetrative bass loops and catchy harmonies. Innovative stuff that blends African, North-American and a few Brazilian influences. Recommend to check out.

Hoya Hoye.


2 Responses to "Bole 2 Harlem – Volume 1"

I met Mr. Schommer back in ’87 in NY, at that time I didn’t see any Ethiopian cultures deep rooted in him? As I’m an Ethiopian I should be able to tell weather this is just a commercial skeem or the realthing!

Over all I just like the music for what it is, hip-hop mix with Ethiopoa music.

thank you for your information Tadesse! the official (promotion) story says that his father had something (lived there? strong interest? can´t remeber, sry) to do with Ethiopia and he grow up with this cultural connection. but of course it can be just a commercial skeem. But I wonder why the record label, the promotion guys are inventing such stories, the record is even fantastic without any connections to Ethiopia, do they want to give the record an authentic flair? do they think it makes the music better?

but thanks for your comment, it´s always interesting to get some informations besides the official story

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