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Welcome visitors and step into the city of music. Open your mind and bend boundaries, but don´t drive yourself round the bend. Explore the unknown of the city with urbanology. We serve you regular, but there´s a life beside blogging. Don´t expect the newest stuff, but always expect fresh music. In the eyes of urbanology listening to just one of the diverse musical categories is inbreeding, so suck fresh blood with us and spread the word.

From time to time we will spit some words on subjects like art, politic or – surprise surprise – music. Hope you enjoy your stay in the city and leave a comment if you think the stuff is hot, at least laugh about the funny english.

If you like the music – buy the shit, visit their shows and support artists and record labels, which publish fantastic music with a lot of heart blood in it!

Any artist or legal copyright owner who would rather not see their music on this blog, please leave a comment (with a valid e-mail address) and I will take them down as quickly as humanly possible. Promise!

No brand new releases! All records are at least one year old for several reasons. In first line sales are normally  highest in the months after publishing and I think you better go to your local record store and give the album a listen there, besides that all artists provide you the opportunity to prelisten it in the net. Support your local record dealer. In addition this blog is not about leaked records, it´s not about recently releases because I only want to present good music and every album needs more than a few listens to judge it. All the music you get at urbanology I listen to myself and I´m loving it, you can´t say that about music you only heard one or two times but post it, because you take part in the race to be the first!  So let me show you some corners, streets and blocks on the musical map.

Blog owners, if you´re interested in link exchange, drop me a note, but normally I don´t link blogs which just post download-links. These blogs are boring and don´t respect the work of the artists and all the other people involved in it, show respect for them and for your readers and write some lines about the music you offer – qualitity, not quantity!

Nova Babilonia, Constant Nieuwenhuys, 1969, Colagem

Nova Babilonia, Constant Nieuwenhuys, 1969, Colagem


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I think the music is life, the sound is like air (freeeee) .- And if anyone on anywhere on the universe can listen my musical work (what really can take at least one year of work) i’m feelin’ great.. my music is for listen, I make hiphop music NO for makin money, just for do that…

added to my favorites blogs, saludos…good disc that of jedi mind tricks..bye.add

That pic you have in your avi is me. Back in 98 I was at a clan rally in ann arbor mi, and kicked the shit out of a nazi. It was all in the newspaper. I trip out everytime I see someone using it.

that´s you kicking that fuckin nazi? good job, hope you don´t had problems with police after being filmed by kicking him and published in several medias. I think it´s the only way to deal with them, hit them if you have the chance to. nazis and fascist want to kill people, here in germany they killed several people (blacks, immigrants in general, gays, jews, left youths) since the reunion 1989, racism, antisemitism and nationalism is on the rise again since then. in some areas of germany attacks from nazis are “normal”, their victims have to deal with it daily.

thanks man. not enough people get out and stand up against the shit they talk about all the time. it feels good everytime I see somebody using that pic.

Awesome blog! Very fresh. I added you to my links. Feel free to do the same.

CAN you please.. contact me at the email address so i can send ou a great album featuring KOSHA DILLZ AND C RAYZ WALZ…am yisroel chai…certianly a great combo of black and jewish hip hop form jerusalem to bronx aesthetic..

i know youll like!!



urbanology, you’re a hypocrite. you’re talking about not harming artists, and yet you’re taking their music and posting it “for review purposes” in total disregard of their rights to distribute the music how they want and make a fair income from their music.

I agree with izzi-x, music is like life and air, “free” – but records and cds and digital downloads are not – they’re a way for people who CREATE to make a living and pay rent off what they do.

it’s one thing to jack the music of rich, famous artists or releases by major media companies, but doing it from independent artists and labels .. you should be ashamed

hello i put a link of urbanology in my blog (meiosdeproducao.blogspot.com). If you do not want that please let me know, thanks. Simages

thank you!

@eli bess
I´m not ashamed, no matter if rich or not rich artist.

In my youth I had a lot of tapes and I always exchanged uncountable tapes with a lot of other people. a lot of the music I explored that way I bought afterwards, some until today, years ago. A few weeks ago I bought a wonderful Snapcase LP, my first contact with them was via a illegal copied tape. I also had a lot of records on tape, I never bought, but thats only because they were not good enough. I never would have spend money on them, no matter if I had a illegal copy or not.

nowadays the music exchange works on a higher level, in the internet, with mp3s and usb sticks with a volume, you can put whole record collection on them. but I always wonder why some guys play the role of a judge and don´t see that there are a different types of downloaders.

a lot of them and I don´t doubt that only download and never buy a record, no matter how much they like a record. but guess what, these people didn´t bought music in the past too, they didn´t in the pre-mp3 area and they won´t do it in the future.

but also a lot of people download AND buy a lot of music, supporting the artists, visit their concerts. I do it that way and since the possibilty to search the internet I explored so much new and great bands, which I never had known without blogs and p2p sharing tools. since then I´m buying much more records, visit much more concerts and I know from a lot of friends who do the same way. it is not the guilt of music lovers who run blogs or visit blogs that the record sells sinked in the last years. and guess which kind of people visit this blog? read the comments and you know.

[…] About Posted by: urbanology | September 2, 2008 […]

Hey hey, i just added your nice blog to captaincrawl.com, the new mp3 blog search engine. thanks!

thank you liam, wish you a lot of success for your new search engine, seems to work very well and will add your page to my links, greetings from urbanology

Hey urban, love your blog – great music, great vibe and also nice links in the political section!

I added you to our blogroll, maybe you’d like to come by sometime to check our very special mixtapes? I have a hunch you may like them… (if you do – a link back would make us happy!)


Cheers, keep it up!

Greetings Urbanology

Enjoying this very much. I’d love to send you some of our musical missions. Where can I send mp3 or CDs/vinyl to.

one love
pama outernational

hi sean, please contact me for further informations:


hey urban – link back?

of course, done!

Underground, I don’t know, there is this dude out there that has a pulse that is being overlooked. The Boy Illinois is the name “Come and Get It” is arguably the baddest joint out there. Check it out

The dude is a breath of fresh air for the biz. If this joint was out there
in rotation this would spark the industry with something that all people would gravitate to. People that listen to as well as people that don’t. I’d say freshest thing since Fresh Prince. Now that’s a long time, right. We need a shot in the arm bad.

This here is a video, a lot low budget,but slick anyway.

Whoever picks this dude up will shake up some things in hip hop.


Thanks a lot for posting about my blog! I am happy that you like it!

Me llamo Mahala y trabajo en la revista online de musica PlaygroundMag.net y hemos publicado un nuevo artículo sobre Hip Hop titulado “Abrazos y Zancadillas” escrito por el gran periodista David Broc, solo para nosotros, y me gustaría si os interesaría a vosotros publicar el artículo con el link.


Échale un vistazo!
Muchas gracias!

Un saludo


¿Cómo estás? En PlaygroundMag hemos publicado nuestra selección de los Mejores Discos y las Mejores Canciones del 2009, cosecha nacional. Me gustaría si os interesaría a vosotros publicar las noticias con los links.

Los Mejores Discos Nacionales del 2009:

Las Mejores Canciones del 2009:

Échale un vistazo!
Muchas gracias!

Un saludo

hey! Thank you for the nice comments.
I’ve added a link of your blog as suggested. Link back? 🙂
Excellent blog btw! keep it up!

thank you slow riot
will add you now

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