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Thought this blog is dead? Already deleted bookmark or rss? Eh, way too early, urbanology floors the gas pedal once again, vroooooooooooooooooooooom…



Almost forgot it: today is urbanology´s second birthday and we are heading towards our third year. For that reason I searched the posts of the very beginning and digged up some awesome records from different genres, still up and still worth exploring, if you haven´t so far:

1. Embee – tellings from solitaria

still one of my all time favs, post-hip-hop from Gothenburg/Sweden, Embee is the President

2. Songs Ohia – the magnolia electric co.

if you search for a melancholic guitar record and didn´t know this one, something went terribly wrong, get it – a heartbreaker

3. Donny Hathaway – everything is everything

some things can be really simple: just one of the best soul records ever, uuuuuhhhhhhh

4.  Dabrye – two/three

it is dark, gritty and raw – Dabrye with his cold cutting beats and some fresh rhymes, unbeatable

5. Orlando Cachaito López – cachaito

Cuba, Jazz, Bassist Cachaito, oh so sweet, siempre con groove

6.  Sepultura – roots

I don´t need many metal records, at leat I could survive with this one

7. Phyllis Dillon – one life to live

everlasting queen of rocksteady, one two… rocksteady!


Karl Hofer

Hooray, one year of urbanology and I never intended it, but this is also post number 100. Rise the glasses, light up the spliffs!

If you had just some of the fun I have running this blog, to present and share music with you, get some feedback and discuss the music – then it is a great success. I hope you enjoyed urbanology this far and got into some fresh music you didn´t know before. Until today my blog stats count 65,554 total visits, shit man, you can´t compare it with the big blogs, but it never was my intention to be one of the blogs with daily updates etc and so many visits from all over the world are much more than I ever expected one year ago.

It´s always very interesting to see which records are well received and which are less. Sometimes it is really surprising, sometimes it was very predictable. Instead I wondered several times which classic tunes still got this attention, I thought everybody would knew them. But fantastic music will always be explored by new people and that´s great. In general I can say that indie, punk, hardcore seems always less interesting for you compared to the jazz, funk, soul and hip hop stuff. Besides the sureshots it´s also great so see how more unknown acts received attention by you. Anyway, I wish some records would receive more, but there´s so much good music in the world and so less time. Aahh how melodramatic… buzzword.

If you are interested to know which bands from the past year I mean, leave me a comment, because I now will stop spamming you. Enjoy urbanology!


I´m leaving the city for a few days, which means no updates until my return. In the meanwhile bookmark us, explore the past posts and have fun. In ~10 days the city will grow again… and thanks for all the visits, never expected so many

Welcome and step into the city of music. Open your mind and bend boundaries, but don´t drive yourself round the bend. Explore the unknown of the city with urbanology. We serve you regular, but there´s a life beside blogging. Don´t expect the newest stuff, but always expect fresh music. In the eyes of urbanology listening to just one of the diverse musical categories is inbreeding, so suck fresh blood with us and spread the word.

From time to time we will spit some words on subjects like art, politic or – surprise surprise – music. Hope you enjoy your stay in the city and feel free to comment, at least laugh about the funny english.

Support artists and record labels, which publish fantastic music with a lot of heart blood in it!

Nova Babilonia, Constant Nieuwenhuys, 1969, Colagem

Nova Babilonia, Constant Nieuwenhuys, 1969, Colagem

always open minded! feel free to leave a comment if you like or dislike the music, the review or just this blog in general. make the monologue a dialogue! (and receiving some responses keeps me motivated)

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