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Antonio Adolfo – feito em casa

Posted on: May 19, 2008

Antônio Adolfo was an important composer and arranger for brazil music scene, having written songs recorded by so many artists… the list would be too long write down here. In the 60s he played piano in different small bands, he took part in the music scene of the “Beco das Garrafas” in Rio, where in the bars and clubs bossa nova, MPB and jazz met. In these eventful years from the late 50s and 60s musicians from all over the world found musical inspiration in Brazil. The Copa Trio started to play “samba-jazz” there, fusing jazz with bossa nova. Brazilian greats Leny Andrade, Sérgio Mendes and Elis Regina performed there, too, and foreign jazz artists started to appear at the “Beco das Garrafas” late at night, after their performances in Rio’s concert halls. Horace Silver, Paul Winter, the Modern Jazz Quartet and other jazz legends jammed with the local musicians. In the eye of the storm the young Antonio Adolfo, who started accompanying important artists of Brazilian popular music, including one of Brazil’s best-known singers of that period, Elis Regina. At the age of 20 Antonio Adolfo collaborated with lyricist Tibério Gaspar (the start of a lifelong collaboration for both) and their song “Sá Marina” became a hit, it catapulted Adolfo into his new career. During the mid-60s, Adolfo was a frequent guest at Antônio Carlos Jobim’s home in Rio, a popular gathering place for musicians.

After he lived some years in Paris he returned to Brazil in 1975 and started to launch his own record label, one of the first independent labels in Brazil. Adolfo was sick of working together with the major labels and released 1977 his own second record on Artezanal records: “feito em casa”. After some releases with his former group “Brazuca” and his first solo record “Venice” 1972, a moody masterpiece – a real treasure of brazil music. A moody jazzy piano, played with this indescribably ease, breezy tunes. This marvelous album sold like crazy and went from having a hand-pressed cover and distribution out of Adolfo’s car to mass production.



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Hi Saudadey

Thought I’d contact you after reading this post to let you know about a site I’ve built to promote an epic new Brazilian music release (click on name link) as I’m trying to get bloggers to comment on it for PR.

Best wishes

Timjim (site creator)

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Luiz Gonzaga – Festa De São João
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[…] made his debut with a powerful Solomon Burke styled ballad: “B.R. 3″, written by Antonio Adolfo, who you already might know as a reader of urbanology (by the way, with facts like that (guess […]

i tracked down all three of his artezenal releases when i was in rio in april. amazing, beautiful, subtle material. muito linda! my favorite track off this album has to be ‘Aonde voce vai’. so so beautiful. i put it on a mix i made along with other tracks i picked up on that visit. i’ve got it posted to stream or download on my blog for anyone interested:


I exactly favourite the same track from the Antonio Adolfo record, “Aonde voce vai”. such a beautifull track, unbelievable and again and again with every listening pushin endorphines through my mind!

The funny thing is, this song is the reason I got into brasilian sounds. I listened to it first at the local university radio station years ago, but wasn´t able to find out who the artists is I listened to. But some months ago I relaxed with some weed, a tea and a fine remix (forget the DJ) and again the song was played, this time I had a playlist, hooray 🙂

I started to dig me into brasilian soul, jazz, funk, bossa nova, mpb…. and I didn´t stop until today, but antonio adolfo was my entrance into it.

so your choice to open your mix with this song was a very good decision, but I like the rest of the mix as well. a very good selection, most of the tracks I already knew, but some I never heard before. do you have a playlist and can you post it?

greetings from europe, urbanology

[…] hard to get on vinyl and you have to pay a lot of money for it, but never got much attention like other brasilian artists. This record is a true inspiration:  soulfull vocals, funky grooves, […]

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