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Killer gem from Brazil!!

This is a widely unknown, but excellent and charming conglomerate of Hip Hop, electronic music, Funk, Soul and Jazz with the finest Brazilian music traditions like Samba. Eduardo Bidlovski (Bid) is the composer and producer of this 2005 album and he not only has created a bunch of smooth, but never dull songs. Bid also assembled extraordinary guests for “Bambas & Biratas”.  Black Rio Soul legend Carlos Daffé opens the record with his warm voice on the catchy tune “não pára”, while Samba Queen Elza Soares later proves she also fits perfectly on relaxed tunes. But this is not a record that tries to gather attentions with Brazilian singer legends, the majority are contemporary artists and Brazil has a rich scene which fuses modern influences with traditional aspects. Rapper Black Alien, whizz kid Chico Science or everybody’s darling Seu Jorge are a few of them and also do participate. All in all 56 musicians were involved in this highly recommend work. Vol. 2 is announced for end of the year.

Tua Beleza.


“Silver Apples is an organic mechanism composed of the Simeon and the Taylor Drums!”

The Simeon is played by Simeon Coxe, the Simeon itself an impressive collection of electronic paraphernalia which ultimately included a dozen oscillators, six of them tuned to bassnotes which he played with his feet, an assortment of sound filters, telegraph keys, radio parts, labgear and a variety of secondhand electronic junk. Together with the strange vocals and the drums this one is really sounding weird. This album is from 1969 and so fuckin´ avantgarde, Silver Apples were pioneers of electric music. Using hypnotic repetitions, weird electronic sounds, intense vocals and musical structures influenced by the psychedelic- and prog-rock the Silver Apples created a sound universum of their very own.

Dig in music history and oscillate!

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