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I don´t have many informations about this record and artist, who released on the canadian label Sublight, which only existed from 2004 to 2007. The music is not so easy to describe, a mix of dark hip-hop loops, breakcore influences and a lot of jungle. Matthew Jeanes wrote about Enduser, a one man project from Ohio, he “smashes through genre walls with alternating punches of industrial strength drum and bass and hip-hop flavored breakcore. Since 1994, Enduser has been shredding through genre tags more quickly than they can be coined to describe his unique approach to the twisted world of hardcore broken beat music. Regardless of the labels on the dividers in record bins around the world, Enduser’s music will always be defined by its use of complex drum programming and darkly distorted atmospheres to create a sense of frenzied unease. Take the viscera of a Romero film and the brooding of a Clive Barker novel and then splatter it against a landscape of urban decay at 200 miles per hour and you begin to get the feeling of an Enduser record where moments of calm ambience set up the vicious assaults of rhythm and noise. Enduser’s is not music for the mindless rave zombie, and it is not for the faint of heart as it tears away at preconceptions about break-beat driven music while utilizing the best tricks of that well-tested tradition to excite and entertain.”

Recommendable. Unique. Gloomy.


I told you about changing weather here in the last posting, today was the first real stormy and rainy day. Well, time to bring back the summer by music. Thinking about a reggae/dub formation from New Zealand should bring Fat Freddy´s Drop to your mind. But Salmonella Dub are not the little brother, in New Zealand they´re already famous and they´re good enough to take the rest of the world by storm. This album from 2003 is a brilliant piece of work: psychotic dub landscapes, epic bass-heavy dub workouts and breakbeat tornados, slightly drum´n´bass influences, but mainly deep, melodic, catchy and relaxing dub. Salmonella Dub will keep playing in your head, for a long time.

Drink one drop

Are you awake? I don´t have any further informations on this EP, so just enjoy four hard hitting Raggacore/Raggajungle/Breakcore/Whatever tracks. I also like istari lasterfahrer from Hamburg very much, his own record label Sozialistischer Plattenbau is a look and ear worth. And to give you some more links: istari lasterfahrer also did a remix of the “communism” song from Classless Kulla, as well as some other collobarations.

Another recommendation: Bam Bam Babylon Bajasch from Cologne, watch their newest vid and don´t take yourself too serious.


Why don´t you take a deep breath from dat fine spliff? And now another one or even another spliff with this sweet fragrance? Do you hear & feel the bass, woah ah ah ah. Floor Killer Stereotyp, hailing from Vienna boooooms around with his classical album “my sound”. Features from Tikiman (you have to love his smooth style on “flying style”), Sugar B, Cesar, Collage (toasting raw on the dancehall smasher “all di girl come”), MC Trigger (on the bassbox killing tune “trigger culture”), Hubert Tubbs (soulfull emotional overkill on “tell me”), Colee Royce and Greenwood – oh yes, the marihuana is pumping round your veins now. What are you doin´? Laying on the bed, the dubby bass rollin´ over your apathetic body or are you dancin´ in front of the boxes for yourself? Released 2002 by the famous G-Stone Recordings from Kruder & Dorfmeister.

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