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The first ever Ragga Hip Hop fusion did almost not take place. Asher D just has returned from Jamaica to the UK and wanted to record a Dancehall influenced tune with another MC. But the guy backed out at the last minute and instead the Producer brought in Daddy Freddy as a last minute replacement. Daddy Freddy gained a lot of hits and fame in the 80s Jamaican Dancehall scene, toured the USA and went at the end of the decade to the UK.

“Ragamuffin Hip-Hop” is a sort of coincidence and created 1988 a new style of music that was a fusion of Jamaican ragga and hip-hop. The title track was sampled uncountable times and raised the scale of UK Hip Hop and showed off Jamaica’s Ragga scene to the masses. A rough record with strong beats that keep flowing and lyrics that keep going, which are still able to capture you and still deserve attention.

Never stop delivering that impressive Dancehall material. Don’t stop, do it.



Belém in the northern amazonas state Pará, Brasil, isn´t only a lovely city, but also has to offer a lively music scene with techno-brega as the most famous outcome. But it would be unfair to restrict Belém and its music only on that sound, especially for the great jazz scene and artists in the “Cidade das Mangueiras”. And it would be unfair to bands like Coletivo Rádio Cipó from the bairro Pedreira, which make a collective interference in the regional culture with the universal language of electronic music. Their music fuses Brazilian regional styles funk de morro, samba, carimbó and batucada with hip hop, dub, breakbeat, jungle, ragga – the result is a maconha driven dubby trip to modern urban sounds and comes with an angry political message, pissed off by the miserable conditions and daily violence in the streets, where a single life not even counts a penny.

Coletivo Rádio Cipó are Carlinhos Vaz (drums and effects), Rato Boy (MC), Rodrigo Jamant (MC and programming), Renato Chalú (guitar), Jared das Arabias (bass) and Luis Bolla (percussion), but as a collective many other artists and just the people from the streets can and did participate. Music made through the partnership with the community, integrating popular, as well as urban and peripheral understandings and influences, a process of growth and expansion of the free digital communication.

The record opens with the hipnotic instrumental “cowboy sem lei”, soon reaches with “foguete” the first but not last climax, gets more relaxed for some tracks and has with the aggressive dancefloor pusher “choque eléctrico piau” an impressive wake up call for the the last third of the record. Where it is getting almost jazzy with the out of space dub “amor brejeiro”, with the wonderful vocals of Dona Onete on the mic. She also participates on the mic the following track, “paixão cabocla”, a half samba-half dub, explores the world of Lee Perry and its adepts. The record closes with the 12 minute long “lourinha americana”, as great as the whole record.

Much more varied than all that baile funk stuff and also comes like a rararattattattatt-machine-gun-fire.


PS: M.L. – Música Livre (Copyleft/Creative Commons)!!!

I told you about changing weather here in the last posting, today was the first real stormy and rainy day. Well, time to bring back the summer by music. Thinking about a reggae/dub formation from New Zealand should bring Fat Freddy´s Drop to your mind. But Salmonella Dub are not the little brother, in New Zealand they´re already famous and they´re good enough to take the rest of the world by storm. This album from 2003 is a brilliant piece of work: psychotic dub landscapes, epic bass-heavy dub workouts and breakbeat tornados, slightly drum´n´bass influences, but mainly deep, melodic, catchy and relaxing dub. Salmonella Dub will keep playing in your head, for a long time.

Drink one drop

Eh, still awake? Here´s more music that screams to be heard through a brutally loud sound system, yeah! Kevin Martin a.k.a. The Bug (and part of EAR, Techno Animal, Ice, among other projects) has a grimier view on dancehall sounds, offers filthy bass lines, hard-edged beats, ruff-in-the-jungle ragga and a killer selection of MCs spitting over this boiling shit. It starts with with ragamuffin hip-hop pioneer Daddy Freddy and continues with Toastie Tailor (do you know his work with New Flash?). Rootsman and He-Man are other highlights, but no fillers here. Some sweet vocal inspiration comes in the shape of Paul St. Hilaire, the artist formerly known as Tikiman. Longtime visitors of urbanology may remember his fantastic performances on the Stereotype record. The up tempo highlights that don´t let you time to breath are “Politicians & Paedophiles” and “Run the Place Red”, of course with the ill Daddy Freddy. “Fuck Y-Self” with Wayne Lonesome is a brutal smasher breaking your neck and you will scream for more after this.

Excellent soundbwoy killas!

Are you awake? I don´t have any further informations on this EP, so just enjoy four hard hitting Raggacore/Raggajungle/Breakcore/Whatever tracks. I also like istari lasterfahrer from Hamburg very much, his own record label Sozialistischer Plattenbau is a look and ear worth. And to give you some more links: istari lasterfahrer also did a remix of the “communism” song from Classless Kulla, as well as some other collobarations.

Another recommendation: Bam Bam Babylon Bajasch from Cologne, watch their newest vid and don´t take yourself too serious.


Why don´t you take a deep breath from dat fine spliff? And now another one or even another spliff with this sweet fragrance? Do you hear & feel the bass, woah ah ah ah. Floor Killer Stereotyp, hailing from Vienna boooooms around with his classical album “my sound”. Features from Tikiman (you have to love his smooth style on “flying style”), Sugar B, Cesar, Collage (toasting raw on the dancehall smasher “all di girl come”), MC Trigger (on the bassbox killing tune “trigger culture”), Hubert Tubbs (soulfull emotional overkill on “tell me”), Colee Royce and Greenwood – oh yes, the marihuana is pumping round your veins now. What are you doin´? Laying on the bed, the dubby bass rollin´ over your apathetic body or are you dancin´ in front of the boxes for yourself? Released 2002 by the famous G-Stone Recordings from Kruder & Dorfmeister.

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