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All of you could already convince yourself from the qualities of Bid, here he also participates and the band name is setting the direction: Funk how you like it, with Portuguese singing .  To be honest, I don´t know what to write about this release from Brazil, its well made modern funk (which means: some Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Rock, Electro influences and so on…), just check out the vid, I am too lazy today to write anymore.

Somos do Funk.


Killer gem from Brazil!!

This is a widely unknown, but excellent and charming conglomerate of Hip Hop, electronic music, Funk, Soul and Jazz with the finest Brazilian music traditions like Samba. Eduardo Bidlovski (Bid) is the composer and producer of this 2005 album and he not only has created a bunch of smooth, but never dull songs. Bid also assembled extraordinary guests for “Bambas & Biratas”.  Black Rio Soul legend Carlos Daffé opens the record with his warm voice on the catchy tune “não pára”, while Samba Queen Elza Soares later proves she also fits perfectly on relaxed tunes. But this is not a record that tries to gather attentions with Brazilian singer legends, the majority are contemporary artists and Brazil has a rich scene which fuses modern influences with traditional aspects. Rapper Black Alien, whizz kid Chico Science or everybody’s darling Seu Jorge are a few of them and also do participate. All in all 56 musicians were involved in this highly recommend work. Vol. 2 is announced for end of the year.

Tua Beleza.

Not many information available about this Jam Band from Tel Aviv, which kindly gives us a hint with their group name. If you like modern Afrobeat-based bands like Antibalas, you can hop on the train, the waggons beside Afrobeat are Funk, Soul, Jazz, diverse Latin styles, Hip Hop and some Mideast influences.  Sounds promising? It is!

Anikuku consists of DJ Sabbo, member of the fantastic Soulico crew, who plays a prominet role in the band and which results in a different sound compared to bands like Antibalas; the several times at urbanology featured Kutiman; Yaya Cohen Aharonov (bass) and Shlomi Alon (sax) from the highly recommend hebrew Hip Hop/Funk group Hadag Nahash, as well as Ilan Arad (sax) and Idan K (percussions, dijeridoo).

Just having Funk!


Bernd Friedman a.k.a. Burnt Friedman (and other uncountable pseudonyms) invited 20 musicians from Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Cape Town, Santiago de Chile and Cologne to participate in making “Can’t Cool”, a fascinating blend of styles and sounds that always keeps you on the edge of your seat. This record provides another zest clue in introducing the means of Dub-music, but stop, not only in the classical dub way or in the modern meaning of dub productions with the mixer as the central method. “Can´t cool” introduces the means of Dub-music production to various genres: blues, soul, klezmer and afrofunk without spending time wasting sound-effects. The tracks are relatively short and compact although they contain a large amount of live instruments. The record is an exotic afro-dub hybrid with more than a blend of soulful songs with the featured vocalists Abi, Patrice, Lovetta Pippin and Theo Altenberg. Burnt Friedman appears to have put aside his penchant for shapeshifting games and jazz, but perhaps it’s still lurking there deep down under the mellifluous tones and guest vocals. Can’t Cool is a heavier, more richly melodic sound than his previous music.

Just listen to the opening track “fuck back” and take a comfortable seat in your virtuel coffee shop, awesome and there are eleven more tracks to come. “Can´t cool” from 2003 is a masterpiece and what seemed initially to be straightahead and smooth is revealed to be complex, detailed and a real work of art.

Fly your kite.


Butch Cassidy Sound System was one of the most succesfull postings in the last months, regarding the incoming clicks. And here we have a very similar constellation. Lack of Afro is Adam Gibbons, a 26 year-old funk aficionado based in London who has been learning and playing music since he was just a kid. He creates a slightly assembled brand of funk music, as modern as it is retro, one that features live instrumentation mixed in with samples and programmed beats in a big bowl of funky, jazzy feel-goodness. His debut LP is everything it should be, packed full of super strong dancefloor funk with that modern touch that makes it so alluring and instant. Conceptually this is isn’t that new, referencing old funk and jazz and adding breaks and beats, overplaying live parts and assembling it all into music for the floor, it’s been done many times over the last decades. But what makes this record stand out is it’s feel. And here we come back to the Butch Cassidy Sound System – what BCSS made with reggae, Lack of Afro does with funk.

Taking its cues from the heavy funk and soul of the 70s, and giving them something of an updated twist, “Press On” is without a doubt one of the finest albums of the modern funk era. From the opening track you can hear a sincere and honest love of funk and an understanding of what works both on the dance floor and at home. And the record has a whole bunch of top hits to offer. Judge for yourself if it is as good as Butch Cassidy Sound System, in my opinion it is, a fucking must-have. This is an thoroughly enjoyable album that is sure to spice up even the most wintry of days. So grab a blanket, curl up next to that stereo, and pump it loud.

Touch my soul.


The cover artwork remembers me of the legendary CTI records and that is not a bad start. But Dom Um Romão is not needing authenticy, the drummer and percussionist was one of the best from Brazil. He played drums from childhood on and recorded with legends like Elizete Cardoso, Ron Carter, João Gilberto, Cannonball Adderley, Annette Peacock and Vinícius de Moraes. He played in the band of Sérgio Mendes and in the 70s joined fusion jazz supergroup Weather Report. And this legend also participated in the groundbreaking Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim colloboration record. He passed away in Rio de Janeiro 2005, but left this record with great rhythms and soul before. I will continue with name dropping, on “lake of perseverance” pianist Luciano Alves, vocalist Ithamara Koorax, guitarist Dorival Caymmi, keyboardist Eumir Deodato and saxophonist Jose Carlos Ramos participate, a good mix of young brazilian talents and old heroes. What can go wrong with musicians like these? Well, not much. Only slightly based on post-bop jazz Romão brings his distinctly Brazilian style of drumming to Kenny Dorham’s “blue bossa” as well as two gems from John Coltrane’s repertoire. But “lake of perseverance” is not an album for jazz snobs, many tunes have trip-hop, hip-hop or even house influences, Jorge Ben´s world famous “mas que nada” even is played in a exuberant version. But for all its diversity Romão manages to give this album a certain continuity, certainly a eclectic taste will help to enjoy this great record!

House Carnival!

Red Astaire

A collection of the songs which made Red Astaire a.k.a. Freddy Cruger from Gothenburg/Sweden famous around the world. Hip-hop flavored beats and breaks for the headz with a touch of Latin flavor, inclusive smash hit “follow me” and several other tunes which only were available as 12inch singles so far and floated through the airwaves regulary. But several songs are previously unreleased, with styles ranging from reggae-soul (“whatcha do”) , gospel-boogie (“gods way”) and rough breakbeat funk (“down 2 earth”) the Red man’s got all angles covered. The swedish funkateer collects together his best illicit reworks for this full album of dancefloor killers, if you don´t know yet you should check it out as soon as possible.

No Mo´

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