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Another Busdriver record, upped by Taxidriver (and now with an own blog Steak´n´Butter) for Urbanology, thank you! It´s from 2005 and more rooted in Hip Hop than the actual release. The album features production by Daedelus, Danger Mouse, Thavius Beck, Omid and Paris Zax. And of course guest appearances by fellow emcees from the legendary Project Blowed : Abstract Rude, Ellay Khule, Mikah-9 and 2Mex. Well, you know what you get: pure quality!


“I´m an angry teen in baggy jeans!”

Busdriver is back, the smarter version of Busta Rhymes, rapping fast and lyrical with a serious sense of humor. Boom Bip and DJ Nobody are responsible for a lot of the pretty electronic productions, besides Busdriver himself.

“It´s me fucker, it´s me. I burn flags, not oil reservoirs.”

Though it’s basically hip-hop, Busdriver weaves in lots of other music, pleases every possible music bone in the body. “Sun Showers” is a Depeche Mode Discohit, “The Troglodyte Wins” hums over big-beat and “Kill Your Employer” a pure jungle drum´n´bass garnished with Busdriver´s raps and singing. Yes, Busdriver sings with his catchy voice much more on this record than ever before and it was a wise decision. The record is released by Epitaph Records, famous for its important punk releases like Bad Religion, NOFX, Dag Nasty and also indie heroes like Weakerthans or Emo-Megaseller The Get Up Kids for almost 30 years. In the last years Epitaph also released Hip Hop records from Sage Francis, Pete Philly & Perquisite, The Coup, Dangerdoom or Blackalicious.

But back to Busdriver, “Are you caught in a plastic film?

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