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Fresh kickin´stuff, found the amazing Bebel du Guetto via the SoundGoods blog, where you can download two songs from her. And SoundGoods from Rio de Janeiro is always worth a visit, presenting a lot of superb mixes with music not only from Brasil, but from Latin America and Africa in general. I want especially spotlight on the MPBC Mix. The MPBC series was released by Phonogram-Polygram from 1978 to 1981 and presented contemporary popular brazilian music (Música Popular Brasileira Contemporânea). But don´t let you fool by the name, the record series with – as far as I know –  11 parts has nothing to do with MPB, how national pop-music generally is called in Brasil. In fact it was Jazz and Fusion more or less infected by brasilian music styles…… plopp blobb blobb, ya exactly, you did guess right: Forró, Samba, Bossa Nova and so on. Every single release is worth your attention and the mix is a very good introduction to it and if you decide to digg deeper, SoundGoods also gives you the links to all the records. Thank you and greetings to Rio!

I also remembered what I said a dozen times to myself, “ripp some of your fuckin LPs”. Well, I am a lazy guy but now after my puplic confession the pressure is rising and in the near future I will present you some vinyl rips of finest and rare brasilian music, which are not available on CD or as a vinyl-rip for all I know.



Groovy, groovy, groovy. Pianist Cesar Camargo Mariano kicks out with his trio some smart and entertaining ultra tight played jazzy and bossa nova flavoured tunes. Brasil groove of the late 60s which puts together Jazz, Funk, Bossa Nova and Blues and vary regulary the moods, without loosing the thread. Awesome instrumentals and some tracks also offer slight vocals. Relax and groove with the Som Três Show, brasil fusion.

Amazonas – keep talking.

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