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Queen of Rock Steady – anything else to know?

Ok, Phyllis Dillon was one of the most talented female reggae singers from Jamaica. She recorded several classics and her first song, “don´t stay away” from 1965 (released 1966) already busted the Jamaican charts. This song is also the opener for this compilation. Followed up by “one life to live” – my personal favourite – and completed by a lot of other songs you just have to know and love. You get some wonderful cover versions, “something” from the Beatles or “love the one you´re with” from Stephen Stills and the rest of her own greatest hits, you won’t want to skip a track anywhere in between. Phyllis Dillon also did a couple of duets with Hopeton Lewis, Alton Ellis and Boris Gardiner. On this compilation you only can listen to “righ track” with Hopeton Lewis – but you won´t miss other voices because her is so charming, woah.

Phyllis Dillon started a comeback in the 90ties, but died a few years later in New York, were she lived the last centuries.

Hey don´t you know it´s not sleeping time, just get alive, you rock away to the steady beat – rock steady!


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