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Burnt Friedman and The Nu Dub Players – can´t cool

Posted on: November 5, 2009


Bernd Friedman a.k.a. Burnt Friedman (and other uncountable pseudonyms) invited 20 musicians from Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Cape Town, Santiago de Chile and Cologne to participate in making “Can’t Cool”, a fascinating blend of styles and sounds that always keeps you on the edge of your seat. This record provides another zest clue in introducing the means of Dub-music, but stop, not only in the classical dub way or in the modern meaning of dub productions with the mixer as the central method. “Can´t cool” introduces the means of Dub-music production to various genres: blues, soul, klezmer and afrofunk without spending time wasting sound-effects. The tracks are relatively short and compact although they contain a large amount of live instruments. The record is an exotic afro-dub hybrid with more than a blend of soulful songs with the featured vocalists Abi, Patrice, Lovetta Pippin and Theo Altenberg. Burnt Friedman appears to have put aside his penchant for shapeshifting games and jazz, but perhaps it’s still lurking there deep down under the mellifluous tones and guest vocals. Can’t Cool is a heavier, more richly melodic sound than his previous music.

Just listen to the opening track “fuck back” and take a comfortable seat in your virtuel coffee shop, awesome and there are eleven more tracks to come. “Can´t cool” from 2003 is a masterpiece and what seemed initially to be straightahead and smooth is revealed to be complex, detailed and a real work of art.

Fly your kite.


2 Responses to "Burnt Friedman and The Nu Dub Players – can´t cool"

Such a great record… have you heard Flanger? It´s Friedman + Uwe Schmidt (aka Senior coconut, Atom Heart, etc…), it`s great too, really sharp electronic jazz…



hi perucho, some I knew, some not and I will listen to them for sure, thank you for the hint

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