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Engrave – stealing from death a few desperate moments of life

Posted on: October 25, 2009

Dear zmicer,

it took a very long time, but here it is, I reuploaded the Engrave record for you and all the other readers of my blog who are interested or just missed this record so far.

That´s what I wrote about it almost 2 years ago:

Engrave were chaos-core pioneers in Germany, mixing the brutal and chaotic energy of US-bands like Orchid, Botch and Converge with the more emotional influences of famous german mid-90s screamo bands like Loxiran, later followed up by worldwide succesfull acts like Yage. The music is so intense, it will grab you at your neck and shake you maniacly, with only a few chances to breathe. So participate and steal from death some intense, melancholic, desperated moments of life. After some split releases with the finest band out of Europe, Yage (Germany), Standstill (Spain), To die for (Italy) – this is their first full length and last release as well. With this record from 2003, Engrave prove their songwriting skills and present their best and most varied compositions to date, combining frantic spursts of noise and fucked up rythms with melodic and quiet elements.

Everything pictures black.


8 Responses to "Engrave – stealing from death a few desperate moments of life"

new address for San Pasquale Ent. blog
help me to spread the word and to shine again

ugh!! it’s cool!!!:) great thanks for you!!:)

02 Engrave – optimum head movement none.mp3
07 Engrave – houston syndrome.mp3
are destroy in .rar
please re-up this track or album

no, they aren´t destroyed, just try to repair archive or download new. I dowlnloaded too and the files are all ok, sometimes rar archives get damaged when downloading, just download new

hi zmicer, as “engraved” wrote, download again please. sadly a lot of rar files get damaged when downloading, but in 9 out of 10 cases a new download is the solution
if not, please let me know!

I tried to download it 4 times (from DepositFiles, Megaupload, RapidShare from different computers) but 2 tracks are damaged again.
could you re-up theese tracks (2;7) separately and give me the link please

from zmicer with love

sorry for the last words. i asked my girlfriend to write this message because I don’t know English and she bad joked at me and I can’t delete previous post

zmicer, no problem, no problem and I dont think she joked at you 🙂

I always check the archives for errors etc, but maybe the rar-archive is damaged, I will re-up soon, stay tuned

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