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urbanology: in the third year now!

Posted on: July 22, 2009


Almost forgot it: today is urbanology´s second birthday and we are heading towards our third year. For that reason I searched the posts of the very beginning and digged up some awesome records from different genres, still up and still worth exploring, if you haven´t so far:

1. Embee – tellings from solitaria

still one of my all time favs, post-hip-hop from Gothenburg/Sweden, Embee is the President

2. Songs Ohia – the magnolia electric co.

if you search for a melancholic guitar record and didn´t know this one, something went terribly wrong, get it – a heartbreaker

3. Donny Hathaway – everything is everything

some things can be really simple: just one of the best soul records ever, uuuuuhhhhhhh

4.  Dabrye – two/three

it is dark, gritty and raw – Dabrye with his cold cutting beats and some fresh rhymes, unbeatable

5. Orlando Cachaito López – cachaito

Cuba, Jazz, Bassist Cachaito, oh so sweet, siempre con groove

6.  Sepultura – roots

I don´t need many metal records, at leat I could survive with this one

7. Phyllis Dillon – one life to live

everlasting queen of rocksteady, one two… rocksteady!



16 Responses to "urbanology: in the third year now!"

happy b-day urbanology and keep on going.

I “stole” your Art Not Ads, love it! Let the music be free. Do it for the love. You’re my hero.

thanks buddies

and jason, thats not from me, just click the art not ads “ad” and you get to the page, have fun

Happy blog birthday! Only good stuff in here, and expecting for the blog to even get better.

Was my comment up there

thanks ariel!
even getting better? I am trying to give my best and hope you will be satisfied

I know, great site and idea. I just hadn’t seen it before. Thanks!

hey nice blog, 2 years, awesome! I got your msg you left on my blog and i added you to my blogroll


thanks for linking, will add you too

Don’t take it the wrong way but so far the blog has always improved with time, so you got my expectations quite high 😛

But anyway, just keep up the fabolous job, learned a lot abou music from you and I thank you for that.

yeah man we have similar tastes of music, i think the the point is always the good music, doesn’t matter the style or genre…so keep doin good here
greetings from brazil!

that was me up there

Just found your blog through Totally Fuzzy, absolutely love it! Keep it up!

Excellent blog… thanks for all your effort!!! Cheers…

I hope it got better all the time, at the beginning I had some things to learn and I think I am still learning

verdade! greetings back, also from brasil

@el coche
welcome to my little blog, nice to hear you are enjoying it

thx!! you and all the others are welcome

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