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Kutiman – thru you

Posted on: June 23, 2009


As a reader of urbanology you might know Kutiman already and his funky afro-beat clash from Tel Aviv. Kutiman now lifts sampling to a new level. He gone through hundreds of YouTube vids in which people from all over the world played instruments, from the kid who plays bass in front of his unit wall, the drummer in his garage or the old lady playing organ in church. Kutiman samples them all, throws them in the mixer and spits out funky outer space songs, ranging from dubby reaggae influenced tunes to straight funk smashers, hell yeah! And the best, you also can see all the samples he took from the vids and looped. Read much more about this project at wired.com and of course visit Kutiman´s webpage to listen to the music and see the vids. If you want to download the songs and don´t want to rip them to mp3 from youtube by yourself, have a look here.

Kutiman created Sampling 2.0 for the internet age and follows the tracksof all the pioneers from the early 80s to the video scratching pioneers from the early 90s. And it is raising questions about copyright issues once again, is it another nail in the coffin of copyright as we know it? I recommend you also to visit the webpage of an interesting project of Johannes Kreidler on the copyright issues and how these don´t fit anymore in the digital age.

All the other songs: here. WYSIWYG.


4 Responses to "Kutiman – thru you"

Wow, how come I’ve never heard of him before? I didn’t know Israeli artists produces such awesome stuff, time for me to dig deeper.

start diggin´ here:

:-O great artist, the youtube stuff is awesome

really cool experiment… kutiman rocks

[…] in a different sound compared to bands like Antibalas; the several times at urbanology featured Kutiman; Yaya Cohen Aharonov (bass) and Shlomi Alon (sax) from the highly recommend hebrew Hip Hop/Funk […]

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