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Bring down theocracy in Iran!

Posted on: June 15, 2009


I wrote a short post about Iran and the “elections” shortly after the outbreak of the protests of hundredthousands, but took it down again soon. Why? To be honest, I wanted first to get some more informations about the protests and its intentions, before I would publish my opinion on it.

After months of growing discontent with a lot of strikes from various labour unions (which got almost no news coverage in any western media) and student protests, now hundredthousands of persian people are out on the streets to protest against the probable electoral fraud. Ahmadinejad, the antisemitic islamistic maniac, claimed to be the winner, but this time the people don´t want to take it any longer. Uprise in Iran and it is very hard to get any secure informations. But what is coming out of the theocracy censorship and its attempts to stop media coverage is positive in some sense. In the first days it seemed the people just protested about the election fraud and for the victory of Mousavi. But Mousavi also is a part of the theocracy, he participated in the government in the 80s, under his regime the executions of gays and opposition members even reached the highest level. How should get anything better with a politician like him, be just another wing inside of the theocracy?

But it seems a lot of people are sick of Ahmadinejad and his regime and that they have much further going hopes than the supported Mousavi ever could fulfill. Maybe this is really the beginning of a coup d’état that will bring down the theocracy. The protesters on the streets not just want any reforms, they want the end of the whole regime. Mousavi is not the leader of this movement, he is more like a hostage of this movement and now can´t step back, even if the demands of his supporters are going much further than what he ever would thought before.

The electoral fraud was like a wake up from the dream of reform attempts and hopes. In the last week in Iran a earthquake took place and even if the regime will continue to repress the demonstrations brutally, nothing will be like before. A new movement which demands democracy, freedom and religious liberty is on its way – seethed for years in private and now breaks out, bubbled up to the surface and culminates on the streets.

And after the unbearable silence of democratic states about the harsh and brutal police and militia oppression, now they start to express their concerns – uhm, at least something.

What can we expect? I guess nobody can say, not only because Iran banned international press, but also because the regime is unpredictable. Maybe they will kill even more demonstrants or the pressure from the streets will drive apart the regime. There were several rumours about deserting police and military units, the regime doesn´t seem to be very solid anymore.

I hope the best for the people on the streets, fight back mullah regime and bring down theocracy!

Tehran Bureau – independent news source on Iran

Tehran Live Blog

actual videos from Iran


8 Responses to "Bring down theocracy in Iran!"

I was so dissapointed to hear that Ahmadinejad stayed in power, but I trust the Iranian people to do something about it. Their history shows that they do not belong to the extremists. I really hope that democratic coutries will finally understand what we were saying all along, a change must be made in Iran, even by force, Ahmadinejad is a threat not only to Israel but to all of Europe and the surrounding.

once again I totally agree with you ariel

I´m not sure if the people on the streets will win or if it will end in a bloodshed. they are actually killing people on the streets, shooting at them and so on, but that the regime is killing people is just the normal business for them. gays are executed, women are punished in public, members of the opposition (not the parliamentary opposition with is in fact mainly just another wing of the regime) are tortured to death. but now the world is watching and not only starting peace talks with a regime which isnt interested in peace. at least the people of the world are watching

a change must be made in iran, even by force, yes! I hope the people of iran can manage it, I dont thing they will get much support from any national government, they actually just trying to keep open all doors for themselves. bastards

and if the situation for israel will be better with Mousavi? I am not sure, he is also a (moderate) part of the regime. maybe Israel once again has to do the job for the world once again, shit

snipers at work, they kill the people with targeted shoots – bastards!


warning, maybe strong images for some people

Shit man….I hoped it wouldn’t get to that. I really hope the world will understand some things, shit.

Mousavi isn’t the best Iran can do but it will only do good. The Irany people need to feel that a change can be made in their country, which will lead to the dis-formation of the dictatorship that is going on up there. The Iranians have my full support in their doing, hope losses wouldn’t be very high but they need to carry on what they’re doing and decide by themself what they want for their country and not let some Imam or super anti-semic to control their wishes. I fell sorry to see those pictures everyday and really wish it would end soon. Hell I wish I was there helping them.

If nothing will change and everything will go back to normal I trust my country to do something about it as they did in previous times, but I only hope not to get this point as it could lead to war. Pressure and talk is all we can do, a forced response is only our last option which is going to be very soon.

hi ariel, a good article about the possibilities in iran after the protests was published by Amir Taheri in The Times


I think it is really a realistic scenario. when the protesters win there might be a democratic iran or (I don´t hope that) a more moderate iran (but how can a state with islamistic ideology be moderate, an oxymoron)

if not, the regime from the mullahs will be stronger than before and the iran change from a “republic” to a pure islamistic state, an emirate

in this case israel has a problem, as the rest of the states in the region too, but israel in a much stronger way. israel will be forced to stop the bomb programm of the mullahs and has to exhaust all possibilities. I also trust in Israel, they will once again do the job of the world. but I fear the world will moan about it and much stronger than about the actual occurences in iran. it is a sick world….

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