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Som Três – som tres show

Posted on: June 6, 2009


Groovy, groovy, groovy. Pianist Cesar Camargo Mariano kicks out with his trio some smart and entertaining ultra tight played jazzy and bossa nova flavoured tunes. Brasil groove of the late 60s which puts together Jazz, Funk, Bossa Nova and Blues and vary regulary the moods, without loosing the thread. Awesome instrumentals and some tracks also offer slight vocals. Relax and groove with the Som Três Show, brasil fusion.

Amazonas – keep talking.


5 Responses to "Som Três – som tres show"

WOW! I really liked it!
Thanks a lot for this one! I will never get enough of groovy music.

Oh and check my blog, I’m trying a little comeback 😛

hi ariel, I added your blog to my blogroll again, good to have you back 🙂

and if you like som tres I´m sure many of the upcoming stuff here will be a great pleasure for you too

I can see you´re really enjoying brazil and its music, good for you! I´m taking this one, sounds interesting, tell you later what i think… hey thanks for updating the link for uno al día… i´m still posting on my other blog tough…could you add a link to it? now its called musica saludable…cheers!

hey perucho, indeed, I am eyjoying brasil and its music, I already enjoyed the music before, but to buy all that fantastic records on fairs is even more fun, most of these records are very hard to get in europe and you have to pay high prices for them. If I would sell all the bought stuff back in europe I could earn a lot of money 🙂 but of course I won´t do, I´m just happy to get in on vinyl!

and will link your other blog just in a moment. two blogs? have a lot of free time? 😉 or are they splitted up by genres?

Just heard one of Som Tres’ tracks from a Nicola Conte compilation.

Thanks for posting this!

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