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I’m out of here…

Posted on: March 6, 2009


…but I won´t be long. As you are reading this post I already have boarded a plane and deplaned too, from one continent to another and I´m going to stay for a few months. I don´t have a clue if or how often I will spare time for blogging, but urbanology will go on, promised. And you can be sure I will bring a lot of new fresh stuff, because a lot of time I will digg for all the ill records which are hard to get in Europe. If you like to stay in touch subscribe to my feed, you can get all new posting as mail as well. And of course I still appreciate all your comments, let me know what are you thinking about the music at urbanology. Where do I move to? Come on, open your eyes because there is a very obvious hint here. Have a good time, I´m sure I will have. If you are new to urbanology don´t hesitate to explore all the older posts. I´m out.


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[…] FriendFeed, Digg, Twitter, and other sources. via Mashable Intense Debate blog comment system I’m out of here… – urbanology.wordpress.com 03/06/2009 …but I won´t be long. As you are reading this post I […]

Where you at?

previous post: “jets to brazil”

and in another post he (or her) chatted with perucho from the uno al dia blog about an upcoming show in belem
I say he moved to belem in brazl (I googled belem, it´s located at the southern amazonas), I´m a very good detective 😉
greetings to brazil from denmark urbanology!!

“or her”? she, of course she!

enjoy and explore the world!

I don´t have a doubt: you’ll have good times where you are. Can’t wait to see this new stuff. Best wishes, David

in your absence, I’m going to make a special effort to listen to the stuff you’ve posted that’s outside my usual focus.

that picture’s awesome picture, as well.

hope you find the time to get back here

have fun and come back soon!

Bem Vindo ao Brasil!

você fala português?

the idea with the mail of post is good, thank you

brigado, mais ou menos bebe

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