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Celebrate 200 years of science and rationality!

Posted on: February 12, 2009

Some people claim that the still very young new millennium will be one of religion and spirituality. I wonder and have to ask: once again? After all that thousand of years that people lived in religious nebulisation?

Today is Charles Darwin 200th birthday and his evolution theory was one important step for the progression of science, rationality and in consequence of that: humanity! And today is a perfect day to make clear that it is time to fight back, no regression behind the enlightment, the french revolution and modern science. Everywhere reactionaries are raising their heads and spreading inhuman ideals: Intelligent Design in America and Europe, Hindu-Nationalists in India, Islamic terrorists almost worldwide and an old fart in Rome still preaches homophobia and antijudaism. You can continue this list on your own.

Time to make it clear: Fuck you! You are not going to win. For the emancipation of humankind, we still have some steps to take.


4 Responses to "Celebrate 200 years of science and rationality!"


you´re my man! lovely music and always some short statements, signed! time to fight back


once again: WORD!!!

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