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Butch Cassidy Sound System – butches brew

Posted on: February 5, 2009


Why fuse rare breaks, hip-hop, early 70’s Soul and Jazz with roots reggae?

“Because nobody else has done it!” as musician, writer and producer Michael Hunter aka Butch Cassidy Sound System (formerly also known as Pablo) says. And he solved the problem of modern roots reggae with this release. Why? In my eyes there are a lot of fine roots reggae bands, but only a very few are performing a modern version of it (i.e. Groundation, who add a jazzy touch), most are boring retro groups. BCSS from Glasgow breaks out of the retro limitations and the results are pretty amazing. Look out for Michael’s diverse production, showing us why the Butch Cassidy project is far more than just reggae. There is soul, funk, r&b, hip-hop and house all on show. Despite the main reference for the album being a firm focus on 70’s reggae, Michael takes the individual tracks in very different directions, but the album in general veers far more towards classic dub reggae than new age fusion. That´s no surprise, because for the recording of this project, Michael collected together all the vintage instruments, compressors and effects. He also mastered the album from two inch tape, to achieve the authenticity of sound he wanted, and to create, a perfect mix of funk and reggae. And you have to hear the dub version of The Meters´ “cissy strutt”, which will keep most dance floors jumping.

Rockers Galore.


6 Responses to "Butch Cassidy Sound System – butches brew"

unbelievable shit … thx! vintagenerdhop … i love it! 😉

vintagenerdhop… mh yes, I guess the perfect description and you can find a lot more vintagenerdhop at this blog

[…] Cassidy Sound System – butches brew Posted in Soul by theshitshow on February 5th, 2009 Butch Cassidy Sound System – butches brew: […]

This album is great!

I guess it is the best record from this genre in the last 10 years

[…] Butch Cassidy Sound System was one of themost succesfull postings in the last months, regarding the incoming clicks. And here we have a very similar constellation. Lack of Afro is Adam Gibbons, a 26 year-old funk aficionado based in London who has been learning and playing music since he was just a kid. He creates a slightly assembled brand of funk music, as modern as it is retro, one that features live instrumentation mixed in with samples and programmed beats in a big bowl of funky, jazzy feel-goodness. His debut LP is everything it should be, packed full of super strong dancefloor funk with that modern touch that makes it so alluring and instant. Conceptually this is isn’t that new, referencing old funk and jazz and adding breaks and beats, overplaying live parts and assembling it all into music for the floor, it’s been done many times over the last decades. But what makes this record stand out is it’s feel. And here we come back to the Butch Cassidy Sound System – what BCSS made with reggae, Lack of Afro does with funk. […]

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