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Salvatore – tempo

Posted on: November 13, 2008

On this 2002 release, Salvatore keep an air of mystery by not listing the instruments played by each bandmember nor including any obvious photos of them, being content with a few grayed-out black-and-white landscapes and interiors. And at my first listening I wasn´t sure for a couple of minutes if this record is the product of a band or a one-man-show from a multi-instrumentalist. But Salvatore are a six piece band from Oslo, Norway and their camouflage helps add to an aura of mutability to the package, leaving the music to speak for itself and take on whatever shape the listener envisions. The legends says, that the members were sitting together and listening to Neu! – the German electronica pioneers. They all played in different bands and suddenly got the idea of creating a band based on the Neu groove. Which is what they did. Since 1998 they have created a sinewy, pulsating, jazzy brand of arty instrumental rock derived from early Tortoise records and the electro-acoustic Motorik of the Krautrock scene. This fourth record emulated not surprising the originators of the Chicago school of post-roc, since this session was recorded and mixed by Tortoise’s John McEntire (also member of The Sea and Cake and Gastr del Sol) in his Soma Studios in Chicago, and the band even did a brief European tour with Tortoise.  But Salvatore, despite wearing their influences on their sleeve, manage to forge their own identity with this collection of evocative soundscapes. The tracks here are relatively short for a genre that tends toward excess, which leaves them concise and to-the-point, almost disappointingly so, because they set up some exceedingly tight and memorable grooves which could enthrall a listener even if they went on forever. And though they sound like they may have evolved from loose improvisatory jam sessions, the evolved pieces are executed with precision and passion, as opposed to the cold, contrived playing of some of their contemporaries. Hypnotic keyboardss, pulsing bass, looped guitars – this is an excellent trip onto the Autobahn. And when the album ends after a mere 42 minutes one wishes there were more. In its home country Salvatore won the prestigious Spellemannsprisen (the Norwegian Grammy) in the “Electronica” category.

not chello!


2 Responses to "Salvatore – tempo"

a beautiful album. by a highly under appreciated group
my personal favorite salvatore is album is luxus (2004) thanks.

better than this one? I think I have to relisten to it, thank you

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