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Roots Manuva – run come save me

Posted on: September 2, 2008

Yesterday the new Roots Manuva record “Slime & Reason” was released by Big Dada and if you want to be convinced about the pure quality, check out the videos for the singles “again & again” and “buff nuff“. Of course you won´t find the new release here (why?), but if you aren´t into Roots Manuva until today, here is the perfect gateway drug: “run come save me”, his second record. Here are some words I arranged from the officiall Big Dada press kitt, sorry, to busy to write a own review.

In 1999, four years after the release of his first single, Roots Manuva dropped the instant-classic “Brand New Second Hand” to critical acclaim. The Independent called him “”the most significant and original new voice in hip hop” and in 2001 the second full length followed. On that record Hip hop is reimagined as a loose Scratch Perry skank, as electronic barrages of noise, as looped guitar feedback over minimal beats, as “that tropical shit,” as Specials-style lope. The range of the sound is a reflection of the Manuva mindset – seemingly disparate but all pushing in the same direction.

“It’s more focussed than Brand New Second Hand,” Smith explains, “Because I had specific ideas of what I wanted to pull out melodically from that record. I really wanted to just move a stage up to the sickest melodic structures that I could think of. The whole recording process involved more attention to detail and a lot more time to freak out and be totally creative. I was left to mess about. I felt like Quincey Jones! Just there giving Jamie [the engineer] orders – ‘I need this sound, I need that sound, set up these effects’. A total kid in the sweet shop.”

If you expect Smith/Roots Manuva to tell you what the record is about you’ve got another thing coming: “The definitions of the songs grow all the time and I don’t really see them straight away. I don’t always see them even a year after things are made. I listen to things that I made five years ago and go, ‘Oh, I understand where I was coming from.'” On the other hand, listen carefully and it’s all there – while Manuva may switch from seeming nonsense to narrative/anecdote to politics in eight bars and then back again, the fractured pieces still form a picture.

Charming, erudite, personal, experimental but always approachable… this is a benchmark for UK hip hop!


2 Responses to "Roots Manuva – run come save me"

Hey.. First, thanks for a great blog. I’m really diggin your choices! But i cant download Roots Manuva?! Share Online isnt providing me with the posibility to download? it just says that download will begin shortly… Do you have any idea what i could do to get this one downloaded?

Best Regards


hi jacob, did you enter the code and submit it? after that you have to wait 30seconds and the DL will appear. but share online sucks, it was a try and it sucks, won´t use it again

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