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one year of urbanology!

Posted on: July 22, 2008

Karl Hofer

Hooray, one year of urbanology and I never intended it, but this is also post number 100. Rise the glasses, light up the spliffs!

If you had just some of the fun I have running this blog, to present and share music with you, get some feedback and discuss the music – then it is a great success. I hope you enjoyed urbanology this far and got into some fresh music you didn´t know before. Until today my blog stats count 65,554 total visits, shit man, you can´t compare it with the big blogs, but it never was my intention to be one of the blogs with daily updates etc and so many visits from all over the world are much more than I ever expected one year ago.

It´s always very interesting to see which records are well received and which are less. Sometimes it is really surprising, sometimes it was very predictable. Instead I wondered several times which classic tunes still got this attention, I thought everybody would knew them. But fantastic music will always be explored by new people and that´s great. In general I can say that indie, punk, hardcore seems always less interesting for you compared to the jazz, funk, soul and hip hop stuff. Besides the sureshots it´s also great so see how more unknown acts received attention by you. Anyway, I wish some records would receive more, but there´s so much good music in the world and so less time. Aahh how melodramatic… buzzword.

If you are interested to know which bands from the past year I mean, leave me a comment, because I now will stop spamming you. Enjoy urbanology!


12 Responses to "one year of urbanology!"


I’d definitely be interested in knowing which ‘indie, punk, hardcore’ albums you think are particularly special that you’ve posted.

I always try to think in terms of quality, not quantity when it comes to the readership/listening experience; better ten people really enjoy something than a hundred download it absentmindedly, perhaps…

ps really like that picture.

¡Enhorabuena de Montevideo! I like your blog much!

Happy B-Day! Wonderful stuff on here. Sounds corny, but you really have opened up my mind to some other stuff I wasn’t aware of.
Here’s to another year (and then some.)

thank you very much!

andbehold, fantastic that you got into some new music via urbanology, that´t the reason I´m doing this

gabbahey, I more thought about artists like antonio adolfo, great jazz record, but only very few downloads

you are totally right, I also think in terms of quality, one visitor like andbehold (for example) is worth a hundred other visitors, who download almost everything, but only give the music one listen and delete it (or store them with hundreds of other GB on their harddrives…)

but let´s focus on the indie, hardcore stuff:

songs ohia, an all time fav from me, great record, awesome mood, but almost nobody interested in it:

but they had a lot of success beside this blog 😉 I think it´s more a “problem” (of course it is not a problem) of the musical taste from most of the visitors here

a good hardcore record is the engrave album:

sadly it is down, but if you´re interested, I will re-up it

and some other, like appleseed cast, 31 knots or Tidal, but it is still great fun to do this, no matter if 50 visits per post or 2000 like some of the top posts


ps: almost forgot, the picture is from Karl Hofer, you can find a lot of information about him and his art in german, but only very few sites in english:

Congrats on a year and 100 posts, at the same time! I enjoy checking your blog cause it’s always something different.


Ps. What is that painting???

finally finally – happy birthday! and of course: many thanks! to another exciting year…

hey, thanks for getting back to me on that. I’ll check those highlights out very soon, though I didn’t see the reply until today.

my anniversary post is due tomorrow. it will include one of your past posts…

Your site has exposed me to lots of new music, and I’m supporting artists I probably never would have found out about.
I’m running an upstart blog, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in linking up

If not, that’s cool, just know that you’ve got a fan for life.

I’m at hiphopalbumreviews.blogspot.com

Congratulations! Great blog! I’m not listening to much pop music now, but I’m always checking your posts. Keep the open mind 🙂

thanks to you all for your kind words! it is a pleasure to run the blog with such a nice audience 🙂


Where can I look at this picture of Karl Hofer and can you tell me the dimensions and the title !


hi christian,

I don´t know, sorry. If you find more informations, let me know. I only have informations about his other paintings with woman and vinyl, but not that one

you can find the record under diverse titles in the net, “girl with record” or “mädchen mit schallplatte”, but don´t know if it is the original title 😦

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