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Erlend Øye – unrest

Posted on: July 22, 2008

Erlend, for now, is going it alone, Mr. Garfunkel don´t want to be Garfunkel anymore. The concept of Unrest is a result of Oye’s nomadic tendencies, as well as his growing infatuation with the mellow electronics of Versus, the remix album of the “Quiet is the new loud” record from the Kings of Convenience duo. After this successful record Erlend Oye worked together with Royskopp, moved to Berlin and started to travel the world. His destinations: 10 different producers from all over the word, with every laptop-head he recorded one track and for an album where each track is under new management from the one before it, Unrest remains remarkably consistent in tone and quality, Oye lends his melancholy but confident voice to every song. Most everything is soft focus, slightly downcast, and heavily reliant upon mid-tempo rhythms that are danceable; however, this is definitely a home-listening album, or one that would also work well during night train trip. Sounds much like a more considered version of the Kings of Convenience remix album.

Unrest is an exercise in restraint; very little overt sentiment is displayed throughout the album. But in the same way that anticipation is often better than the real thing, the smoldering emotion buried just below the surface works beautifully on Unrest. Oye has produced a seductive collection of songs that are, for the most part, described by the title of the closing track: “Like Gold.”

The involved producers: Morgan Geist (New York, USA), Soviet (Shelton, USA), Kompis (Uddevalla, Sweden), Jolly Music (Rome, Italy), Mr. Velcro Fastener (Turku, Finland), Prefuse 73 (Barcelona, Spain), Minizza (Rennes, France), Björn Torske (Bergen, Norway), Kilogram (Helsinki, Finland), Schneider TM (Berlin, Germany)

Every party has a winner and a loser.


6 Responses to "Erlend Øye – unrest"

remarkable. i wouldn’t believe it if i hadn’t listened to it myself. It’s funny – i noticed right away that “sheltered life” was produced by soviet. don’t really know many of the other producers and havn’t heard much of their music yet but i suppose it adds alot to the vast variety of the record (well.. the electronic sort of idea of variety. you know what i mean). it really is amazing. lovely. keep up the good work. i’m gonna relax some more to the tunes. until later and farewell, my friend.

hi pencilstrokearcade,

did you also give the Kings of Konvenience remix album a listen? I guess you might like it


thanks. i’ll try getting it. if there are the means and the will there certainly is a way.

Hi there,

The download link seems to be dead – as in, once the wait period is over, and one clicks the link it just goes back a page.

hello, there seem to be some problem with zshare, man,it is really annoying me. they did something on their servers a few weeks ago and since then all the old files aren´t working anymore. they still seem to be online, but it´s just as you describe, after the wait periode the page always will set back to the start page. I can´t do anything about it, but I searched the blogosphere for you and found this:

hope you come back to urbanology too, zshare is out of the game now.

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