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Lou Courtney – I´m in need of love

Posted on: June 5, 2008

Lou Courtney is one artist (among many others) who deserves to be held in the same esteem as Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Donny Hathaway, Leroy Hutson and dozens more. The record is Lou Courtney’s masterpiece and got a wonderfully full soul sound and mellow tracks. Many soul albums of the 70s which hit the charts have only one or a few worthwhile tracks. This one is packed with gems and the whole ting really comes together the way a good album should, in my eyes you should sort it directly beside “What´s going on?”, but it´s less orchestral than Marvin Gaye´s all time classic. A mix of moody keyboard driven groovers and ballads, all topped by excellent vocals from Lou (who also co-produced the record), miles ahead of any work he did in the early days, all surrounded with magnificent arrangements and high-class production jobs! Majestically arranged and produced by the legendary Jerry Ragovoy. This wonderful set of songs contains dancefloor groovers, mellow mid-tempo swayers, and late-night romantic ballads but all tracks are infinitely soulful. The best thing, though, is the songwriting, as these tracks rank right up there with the best underground mellow soul we can think of — sophisticated yet not soppy, filled with soulful lyrics about – of course – love and losing it, never giving into cliches of other soul from the time.

A real dream of an album!


9 Responses to "Lou Courtney – I´m in need of love"

true – a smooth album with no filler – just the right thing for a lazy sunday!

Wonderful blog, came here from SFRP.
And probably a wonderful LP, but…
how does this dl work??

hi kalli, the file spread service I used here in the last months is dead, fuckin shit, no warnings – just from one moment to the other gone forever. so I have to reupp some stuff, sorry, but the records are all coming back for sure

Thx for your fast reply. Good to know I’m not a total dimwit.

file is back, enjoy!!!

lovely album ! lot of thanks !

Hi there (again, this time a copy paste, same issue),

The download link seems to be dead – as in, once the wait period is over, and one clicks the link it just goes back a page.

hello, there seem to be some problem with zshare, man,it is really annoying me. they did something on their servers a few weeks ago and since then all the old files aren´t working anymore. they still seem to be online, but it´s just as you describe, after the wait periode the page always will set back to the start page. I can´t do anything about it, but I searched the blogosphere for you and found this:

hope you come back to urbanology too, zshare is out of the game now.

thanks! this place is great!

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