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Club 8 – spring came, rain fell

Posted on: June 3, 2008

Some bands are desperately on the search for a record deal and many never reach their aim. I guess only really few would deserve a record deal, but never get one – the most artists just suck too much to have success. It´s not only about the major record companies (their politics are abhorrent, I don´t doubt that) which keep good music down, because almost every music genre has some very fine independent record labels. Club 8 are a good proof, after formed 1995 by Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård this swedish group made simple bedroom recordings and sent them to their ten favourite labels. Half of the labels wanted to release the band, good music always finds it way to be released.

Their debut was heavy bossa-nova influenced with a naive sound as well as shiny pop melodies, but soon they moved away from these direct pop songs and got darker and slower, the progress culminated in their third album “spring came, rain fell” from 2002, their most creative to date recording with diversified, semi-electronic and slightly experimental, but intensely emotional songs.

It´s obvious that songwriter and über-instrumentalist Johan Angergärd had Air’s “Moon Safari” in power rotation, with bubbly space synthesizers and fat bass keyboard. His writing and production is generally spare and simple so the little bits of color (a guitar lead here, a synth swoosh there) linger memorably and makes space for Angergård´s tenor that’s almost as light as bombshell singer Karolina Komstedst’s airy alto. But the real appeal of the album comes from Karolina Komstedt’s pillow-soft, slightly accented vocals, which have the kitschy allure of Claudine Longet, only with better enunciation and much less tendency to go off-key; Angergård only raises his voice on few tracks. The songs are mostly based on subtle layers of acoustic guitars, hand percussion, and rubbery, surprisingly melodic electric bass. They always keep the melancholic dreamy edge, now matter if they mix up Dub, C-86, triphop, chill out, 80’s or bossa nova, without ever losing focus on those wonderfully Scandinavian and melancholic pop melodies.

By the way, what´s wrong with Sweden? From jazz, hardcore/punk to indie in general, this country with only 8 millions inhabitants offers an above average count of bands with surpassing quality. Why is so much good music coming from Sweden (and Scandinavia in general)? I only can explain it with the short summers and cold winters, without nothing else to do than jam in rehearsal rooms (which you can find in almost every village around the country), because Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö or Umeå are much too far away.

Sunday morning perfect effort.


5 Responses to "Club 8 – spring came, rain fell"

cool, i like this band too

just love this band.

could you recommend me another one the same style?

cheers & beers

You write beautifully & your love of a record is to me what blogging is about. To discover new talent. When I visit a page I would like to trust the poster. Based on your words of this recording I will give this a spin. Since I’m a fan of Air, Bossa Nova & Sweden this should prove to be worthwhile listen.
Thank you for your kind comments on my page. I hope you find me a trustworthy blogger. I seek to maintain a level of focus, purity & integrity with my page in terms of content, archiving & consistency. Cheers, JT

Have you tried Donna Regina from Germany?
Northern Classic [1992 Karaoke Kalk]
A Quiet Week in the House [1999 Karaoke Kalk]
Late [2003 Karaoke Kalk]
Any of these are great places to start.

hi judy, justin already gave a good hint: Donna Regina

other bands? mmhh, maybe the Acid House Kings or Sambassadeur? you should check them out and also have a visit at the club 8 record company labrador: http://www.labrador.se/

they have a lot of great scandinavian stuff released

and thanks a lot Justin Thyme, I hope you enjoyed the Club 8 record? this record doesn´t have somuch bossa nova influence, but is still a great scandinavian melancholic record.

and of course I think you are a trustworthy blogger, you run such a great blog, I am a regular visitor.

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