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Broke´n´English – subject 2 status

Posted on: May 11, 2008

If you want to hunt out some fresh stuff in the hip hop game, Britain should be on your map and I´m not only talking about Grime & Dubstep, two of the main hypes in the last years. With Manchester´s finest hip hop heads Broke ´n´ English I am going to start, more music out of Great Britain is going to follow.

On the cover of their 2003 Nothing Will Come Of It EP, the image of Broke’n’English (MCs Strategy & DRS) staring comically into a bare fridge containing only a half-eaten pattie and an old bottle of Encona Hot Pepper Sauce rang true across the UK’s streets and beyond. As their MySpace page jests they even state they sound like “some Manc doleys that aint got shit else to do.”

“I was on the dole for so long,” describes Strategy, “they said ‘either you get a job or go to college’, so I was like alright then I’ll go to college! Ha-Ha! I went and learnt music production and the first tunes I made was Weekend Love and Foolish, Giles Peterson played them and 1Xtra played them. Listening back they sound raw and you can almost hear the hunger.” Seriously you can nearly hear their stomachs groaning with the need to succeed and not only was the music vital – check the killer horn blasts on Weekend Love – the tunes had inspired lyrics like “…there must have been something special in my pop’s crotch”.

Strategys talents were respected early on; his first guest appearance being alongside Roots Manuva on the Track Trade Study which featured on the LP From the Country.

Joining forces with Konny Kon amoungst others, he joined up with legendary Mank hiphop supercrew the Microdisiacs and released material with them working from their base up north. Several releases from Broke ´n´ English made soon some noise and helped their status escalate. Slowly but surely the boys have been deservedly gaining recognition and a reputation for having one of the hottest live shows in the country. 2007 their full length debut “subject 2 status” was released, with a self-tribute to the art work of the first EP. This 18 track Manc opus features previous favourites such as Squeeze and last years smash single Tryin as well as more recent bigguns such as Who’s that Kid? and This is our Life. Listen to their music and you can hear the northern accents, but furthermore that besides the big british heads like Roots Manuva, Ty, The Streets etc. there are more ill acts who know how to rock.

Jingle Jangle (re-upped!)


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