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Am Israel Chai!

Posted on: May 8, 2008

Спасибо means thank you!

“This is one of the most beautiful days in my life” – Esther Bejarano

Just like for the time witness and Auschwitz survivor Esther Bejarano May 8th is for all those humans, who became victim of the destruction and conquest illusion of the Germans, a day of joy and liberation. The Nazis were defeated, german barbarism and the Holocaust had an end.

With the unconditional surrender of the German Wehrmacht on 8 May 1945 the civilization rapture was brought to an end and meant the liberation of several millions prisoners of the concentration camps, hard labourers, political opponents and prisoners of war. They survived the incomparable terror of the camps, the death marches, the exploitation in war economics, the euthanasia programs and the racist human attempts, while millions of people became victim of the collective destruction of the Germans – alone 27 million humans from the Soviet Union, among them 14 million civilians. Six million Jews and half a million Sinti and Roma were murdered in the concentration and extermination camps of the Nazis; hundred thousands died in captivity or in hard labour for German companies like IG Farben, Flick or Deutsche Bank. Those who didn’t meet the eugenic expectations and the civil sexual or work moral were murdered; just as communists, social democrats and all others who offered resistance against fascism.

May 8th – Liberation Day!

Thanks to partisans and resistance fighters and all who took part in the war of liberation. Thanks goes besides to the partisan federations under Tito or the French Maquisards, which followed the numerous partisan federations of the Résistance, likewise the fewer well-known partisan groups like the “Jewish Brigade” and the innumerable nameless survivors and the dead. We thank the Allies and not least the soldiers of the Red Army, who achieved the crucial contribution for the German defeat.

Am Israel Chai! The People of Israel are still alive!

After 2000 years of pursuit and pogroms, german National-Socialism “invented” in the last century the industrial murdering of the jews in the concentration camps, the aim was “simple” – to kill all the jews, worldwide. Fortunately the Germans were stopped – but they murdered 6 million jews in the 12 years lasting time of the regime, most of them from 1942 – 1945. After that barbarism the mankind was still unwilling to destroy once and for all the roots of antisemitism. But on May 14, 1948 (in the jewish calendar this year the date is on May 8th) David Ben-Gurion declared the creation of the State of Israel, in accordance with the 1947 UN Partition Plan. This plan would have partitioned the territory of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, with the Greater Jerusalem area, including Bethlehem, coming under international control. Uhm yes, exactly what many peace activist nowadays demand, but the Arabs rejected the plan – instead Egypt, TransJordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq declared war on Israel only a few hours later. Saudi-Arabia and Yemen also sent forces to participate in the invasion.

Sadly antisemitism was on the rise in the arab population of Palestine since more than a decade (reanimated religious motivated Antijudaism from within the Islam was mixed with secular “modern” Antisemitism in the tradition of the Nazis) and antisemitic motivated terror started a lot of years before (!) the state of Israel was born. Even jewish communities which lived for hundred of years in Palestine were attacked and not only zionist immigrants. The reason is simple, they not only wanted to prevent an jewish state, they wanted to wipe all the jews out of the “holy land”. Since then almost nothing did change, antisemitic terrorists still try to kill as most jews as possible and to destroy Israel, but today political Islamism is more widespread under palestine people.

Ben Jehuda Street, Jerusalem. 52 died and 31 injured in a bomb attack by arab nationalists, February 2nd 1948

Never Again!

Thankfully Israel did win all wars, many started by different arab neighbour countries, others were enforced by terrorist activities. Until today Israel exists and the people of Israel are alive. Antisemits weren´t able to reach their goals, which would be again a nightmare for the emancipation of mankind. In a world were antisemitism is still alive and on the rise again, Israel is a necessity to secure the lives of the jews – today and in the future. With good reason urbanology supports a strong and secure Israel, because of Israel jews never again have to wait for salvation that never comes. Happy Birthday Israel!

May 8th, 2008 – 63rd years after the defeat of Nazi-Germany and 60th birthday of Israel, what a beautiful day.


8 Responses to "Am Israel Chai!"

Some where, some how, some ones egos got bent out of shape and this mess in the Levant began a new episode in the 5,000 year blood bath in the middle east. I am so sorry for all of you, muslin Jew, Christian, Bahai and the rest for having to suffer because a small minority have this all or nothing belief. My Prayers are with you… Thank God.
Dave from Milwaukee screaming-guppy

hi dave,
I´m afraid prayers won´t help, I think the situation needs an intense analysis – what are the reasons and roots for the conflict, why do people want to wipe out the state of israel, what is about antisemitism? and only after answering a lot of questions, there will be the possibility to find good answers to solve this conflict (I´m not sure if it is possible to be solved in a system, which creates antisemitism every single day, which is inherent to capitalism).

and of course there are extremists on both sides, and all we have to fight. but why are in israeli society a lot of people who fight for the rights of the palestinians, why is the majority against new settlements of religious maniacs? why isn´t there one single organisation within the palestine society that fights antisemitism and islamism, how can a islamo-fascist movement like the hamas in gaza, with all their terror against jews, homosexuals and all palestines who don´t want to live under the rule of an intolerant religious regime, why can such an party win the votes?

it´s not just extremists on both sides, it is also about how much extremists gained control over a society. and there are main differences we have to recognize

Can I ask you something? Did you write that yourself or is this copied from somewhere? I’m not so sure my view of the history of the Jewish people in the Levant would turn out quite the same way.
I’m really curious. Who wrote this?

yes, I wrote it by myself, some facts of course I researched before. If you have a dissenting opinion, feel free to write a comment…

It just seemed to me that Israel was presented as too much of a victim, and I’m not talking about the Holocaust survivors who needed a safe place on earth, that is out of the question. I’m talking about Israel the superpower of the Near East that unilaterally runs things in and outside of its own borders today, ignoring just about every UN resolution, international law (Den Haag) and still gets away with it – and living quite comfortably at that.
Also, I thought that if the struggle for land is presented as an act of Antisemitism that’s a bit too close to accusing the Arabs of continuing the Nazis’ work whereas one should mention that the local Arab population had no lobby at all in defending their land from the (illegal!) Jewish immigration during the British Protectorate. Ben Gurion had no intention to stick to the UN partition plan. The ethnic cleansing (al nakba) was very much part of his plan to create a coherent plot of land to call Israel. Not the bits-and-patches solution projected by the UN.
Mind you: I’m not saying that killing people is a legitimate way of defending your rights on any side, but let’s talk about the dirty history of the establishment of the State of Israel too. Not all is black-and-white.
It’s pretty safe to say that since 1967, Israel has been in a position where it is the perpetrator and not the victim anymore. It’s become Goliath.
Today, the motto is: “Am chasak oseh shalom”. A strong people makes peace. It’s up to Israel now to take a first step toward the people of the ever-more-oppressed Occupied Territories. The army’s not going to bring peace. Somebody bring in politicians that know more than to invade and crush people’s lives.
Sorry to rain on your parade here, but I’ve been researching the history of Israel/Palestine for a good while now, and there is too much stuff that is not addressed in your post, I just had to raise my hand. However, I see the future of the region in a joint effort, not in giving either side the right to crush the other.
Respectfully yours. Shalom aleikum. 😉

yu should open your self upp to honest and rational comunication beyond this sort of defencive discourse where all sorts of antithetical feelings and positions shine through very clearly. what i f its not about antisemitism, you cant explaine away ocoupation, that is land theft and expulsion with the charge of antisemitism. did the palestinans vot for hamas becouse theire antisemites och becouse hamas was against coroption of fatah? if ypu cant answer such questions credibly, tha is , a nuanced way, then how can one trust your gugment. or is this apologia you have qritten something only israelies or jews can understand? i like youre taste of music but your politics are not that well thought trough i am affraid.

So wait… what happened to the palestinians that were there before Israel was created? Or was it empty.. yes yes, like Golda Mayer said, it was a land without people, for people without a land.

Cause that just totally makes sense in everyones mind. An empty land. Which Israelis were also conveniently tied to by a 2000 year promise.

So..what happened to the Palestinians again?

and no jews were living in this land before? only palestinians? and who didn´t accept the 2-state-aggrement from 1948 (!!!), the palestinians or the israelis? who did start several pogroms against jewish people (some of them living there with their families since hundred of years) decades before the state of Israel was declared?

but it is always the same story, the poor poor palestinians and the bad israelis

and by the way, look up where palestinians lived and which huge areals israelis made liveworth, no fucking dog was living in large areas and also aks yourself, why a lot of palestinians had to leave their homes? who did start the war against israel? and who lost it?

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