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31 Knots – it was high time to escape

Posted on: May 7, 2008

Come on, say it: Prog. Go on, say it: Prog. Ok and now forget it, cause this is not the prog stuff from your fathers record collection, no old men with Yes posters in their bathrooms. 31 Knots pronounce prog like math rock and they´re speaking a punkrock slang. Minor Threat beats up Pink Floyd, for sure, maybe it will also please your dad. With the second full length from 2003 the band from Portland/OR

continued to impressive with the kind of precise guitar chords and steady rhythms found on the opening track, “A Half Life in Two Movements.” That song seamlessly gives way to the frazzled and charming “Darling, I,” which offers a staggeringly restrained sound that seems ready to blow up at any moment, yet doesn’t. Joe Haege leads the way on guitar and vocals, while bassist Jay Winebrenner and drummers Joe Kelly and Jay Pellicci combine to form one of the more irreverent rhythm sections in indie rock. Kelly left the band soon after the recording of four of the album’s songs in 2002 and was replaced by Pellicci, who took over drumming duties for the March 2003 sessions, which completed the disc. Haege is center stage throughout, setting up the disc’s highlight reel with unconventional guitar chords, unwaveringly fiery vocals, and continuously challenging lyrics on songs like “No Sound,” “We Still Have Legs,” and “At Peace.” “Without Wine” slows down the album’s pace with a reflective acoustic bass dancing with Haege’s narrative metaphors. A mesmerizing bassline leads into the entrancing “Played Out for Punchlines,” while the unsettling “Matters from Ashes” mixes tender tones and vocals with a disconcerting electronic backdrop. Pushing the envelope of the math rock sound throughout, the band’s brash post-hardcore impresses most of all because if its seeming lack of obvious influences. Taking cues from a large pool of bands on It Was High Time to Escape, 31 Knots paints a sound with a wide brush and an array of colors. (Stephen Cramer, All Music Guide)

Catchy and complex, always thrilling – a tight, clean, passionate set of 10 songs that will take more than one listen to understand fully.

“we still have our hearts”


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31knots, red sparowes, pelican….

give reasons to continue living.

-great post-

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