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C.Aarmé – c.aarmé

Posted on: March 9, 2008

C.AARME plays punk as it’s supposed to be: fast, loud and dirty, really dirty. These guys, hailing from Gothenburg/Sweden, bring back the violence and intensity of the earliest punk acts. Bass-heavy slam dance attacks, no punkrock wannabees and and pop-punk grommets. You better grab your skateboard and old Black Flag shirt, put C.Aarmé on your mp3-player and start to destroy, skate and destroy, you can be sure that swedish machine will never slow down.

Like a pipebomb on the dance floor, C.AARME explodes on the scene to the delight of indie rockers and old school punks alike. Don’t worry, their not that fashion punk that seethes from the oily pores of the corporate rock machines of today… this is the real sweaty deal. Destroyed amplifiers, guitars through windows, and blown out vocal chords. A maniacal attack of cataclysmic proportions. C.AARME is here to behead the new garage punk aristocracy with their loose aggressiveness and chaotic, yet danceable bass lines reminicent of vintage Bad Brains or early Damned. (Label Info)

slam dance!


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can you upload it again please?


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