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it´s all about shellac

Posted on: January 21, 2008

“Questioning the mp3 market…” is a text written by DJane Fobia from the “Seven Samurai” label about the growing mp3 market and what kind of changes it brings to the music scenes and distribution ways. The Unkultur Blog (I found the discussion via that blog) wrote an answer (only in german, sorry) to her text and is asking some further question. How is music changing in general at the moment, what influence has mp3 on the music scenes and the record labels, do the kids stop buying vinyl? Both worth reading it.


1 Response to "it´s all about shellac"

At the moment, I’m buying vinyl, CDs and mp3s. As well as downloading mp3s too, I guess – although I try to stay ethical and buy what I like!

Each format has its advantages – basically a continuum from high visual, artistic and physical quality (vinyl) to cost efficiency and portability (mp3s). CDs hold the middle ground, though I tend to buy the CDs more often if it has good packaging…

not sure I agree with the original articles take on an mp3 file’s “virtual” existence. Does the German response take it up on that at all? Even if it’s not a physical good, then maybe it is a service and as such has value?

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