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Engrave – stealing from death

Posted on: November 27, 2007

…some desperate moments of life. Engrave were chaos-core pioneers in Germany, mixing the brutal and chaotic energy of US-bands like Orchid, Botch and Converge with the more emotional influences of famous german mid-90s screamo bands like Loxiran, later followed up by worldwide succesfull acts like Yage. The music is so intense, it will grab you at your neck and shake you maniacly, with only a few chances to breathe. So participate and steal from death some intense, melancholic, desperated moments of life. After some split releases with the finest band out of Europe, Yage (Germany), Standstill (Spain), To die for (Italy) – this is their first full length and last release as well. With this record from 2003, Engrave prove their songwriting skills and present their best and most varied compositions to date, combining frantic spursts of noise and fucked up rythms with melodic and quiet elements.

Everything pictures black. (reupped!)


16 Responses to "Engrave – stealing from death"

[…] and respected band they are nowadays. So what happened, why is Standstill not another average hardcore, later post- and nowadays ex-hardcore […]

it’s one of BEST ALBUMS EVER! full of passion.

Great band, great record. Is a re-up possible?

Thanks in advance

hej hej rookie, of course!! I was busy and lazy the last weeks, but I will do the re-up soon, promise 🙂

re-upped! enjoy

Hey thank you man.

Didn’t look around here for quite a few weeks, what a pleasant surprise, you made my day! 🙂

cool band! i have on casset only. plz reup

at the moment no re-ups are possible, I´m sorry, but if you can wait for a few months let me know and I will reupp the record later

ok. I will wait 🙂

ok, will drop a note in a new post when reupped, if u subscribe to my feed u wont miss it for sure

hi) i am seldom be in i-net & i am is not good in english (i’m from belarus) 😦 therefore for me its difficult to talk with you 😦 that’s:)

hi) how things with re-upped?

hi zmicer
you still have to wait some weeks, sorry, the album is some thousand miles away from me….

I’m sometime forget about Engrave)) think you too)) and also “thousand miles away from me”.. I’m understand situation)
ok..) will wait..)

how thing do?

finally, it is on again! enjoy

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