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Thee More Shallows – book of bad breaks

Posted on: November 20, 2007

Whats happening when hip-hop-avantgarde record label Anticon meets the Krautrock-dub-slowcore-noise formation Thee More Shallows, who are bursting the listener with huge atmospherics and the tiniest details? Both falling in love with each other, both working together in several cases and after numerous collaborations, including a remix by Odd Nosdam (with Why?) on TMS’s Monkey vs. Shark EP, string arrangements by Dee on Odd’s remix for Boards of Canada, and contributions to both Nosdam’s Burner and Why?’s Elephant Eyelash, finally TMS released their last album on Anticon and it’s also the biggest stylistic leap that they’ve made since they first formed almost six years ago, moving fast and fluidly between rich, icy atmospherics and angular, galloping pop songs, never slowing its pace with buzzing synths, noisy guitars, and some downright shredding sections. “Book of bad breaks” still follows the band’s traditional style of telling stories while melding genres and sounds, sometimes ambient and trance-like, other times explosively rock ‘n’ roll – a innovative band.

I won´t give you a song by song review, just try them out yourself, the band’s strength is in creating an atmosphere of sound, drawing you in from the first note and not letting up. They make music that suits introspective moods, and it’s best listened to when you can focus your full attention on it and pick up on the small nuances and grace of their musicianship.

There is plenty to enjoy, but it’s by no means a smooth rid, please take your seat!

Linke removed by request of Anticon Records, buy their hot stuff, check out TMS in your favourite record store! And if you like all the other stuff I´m presenting you week for week, support the artists, buy their records, visit the concerts or at least spread the word if you just don´t have enough money to buy ALL the awesome records, like me and thousand of other music lovers.


5 Responses to "Thee More Shallows – book of bad breaks"

please do not post our music.

shaun at anticon

ok, like always I respect the requests of musicians & record companies, I removed the link

hope all you people reading this are going to check out this fantastic band nevertheless

Whats up Urbanology?
I think I’m gonna try to get my hands on this one, well sorry to say but I’ll have to get it illegally, no way I’m going to find it here in Israel, if I’ll like it, I’ll buy it next time I’m in France (as I always do).

it is a Don Quijote fight some guys try to win and I can´t understand it. a short search at shareminer.com (only one page of a dozen!) gives me at least 8 different download options for this record, so everybody who wants to download it, easily has the option to.

and the visitors of this blog don´t come to just download as much records as possible (of course a few are that type of visitor, more interested to get the newest stuff, not really interested in fine music), the most of them visit this page to get into new music they didn´t know before and many of them are going to buy the stuff that is kicking their asses. so the thought that every downloaded record is a lost buyer is so ridiculous!!

but okay, I really respect their opinion and removed the link, but I think the small record companies, the independent ones, should spend their energies on other things than surfing the net to search for copyright violations. 60-80% of the records I buy (and I think I buy a lot!) I downloaded before in the net, 40-50% I didn´t know before. so what´s their problem?

hey ariel, I don´t know where in Israel you´re living, but at least in Tel Aviv I remember good record shops with a huge vinyl collection as well. one is called third ear and I think it is at sheinkin street, but I´m not that sure. near to that shop are several other record stores, I think you should get lot of good stuff there!

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