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Christiansen – forensic brothers and sisters!

Posted on: November 4, 2007

Some bands never get the publicity they earn. Christiansen from Louisville are a typical example. This quartet formed in 1998 released two very hard to get records with the help of a good friend, in 2000 the group – which is not a christian rock band as the name may suggest (no gods, no masters!) – published the first “real” record on Eulogy Records, a company more famous for metalcore releases, not the sound Christiansen made. “Emphasizing function over design” was a good record, but nothing earth shaking. Melodic emo-influenced post-core, but too experimental to be classified as emo or even emopop. The record didn´t get much attention, maybe cause of the “wrong” record company, but the people who recognized the band looked out for them for sure, cause you could hear that there was more to come!

Revelation Records, nobody could doubt their legendary status and high quality of releases, soon recognized the band and signed them. It seemed as if Christiansen were on their way to international success and for a few month the scene began worldwide to turn heads for them. 2002 the band released the EP “forensic brothers and sisters!” as a teaser for the forthcoming full length on Revelation Records and as to expect, it was a bastard! The 6 songs were a huge step forward compared to their last record. Fueled by load guitars, danceable bass and drum interplay the group created an explosive, chaotic and powerful sound, transporting the energy of hardcore records, but without falling prey to the limitations of this genre. The younger brothers from At the Drive-in with the creative energy of Fugazi? Yes, it seems as if the band would take the world in storm and the “stylish nihilists” full length for Revelation Records from 2003 pleased everbody, the critics and the public. A good record and to say almost nobody recognized it would be exaggerated, but compared to the quality of the music it were to less, especially in Europe. After some touring it seems the band broke up or just renamed themself to Your Highness Electric, I don´t have any informations about the reasons. I never heard one song from them, but you should listen to Christiansen. And as always, if you´re interested in more, drop me a line!

Jhazz never spelled so good


5 Responses to "Christiansen – forensic brothers and sisters!"

this band is not bad at all! i didn’t knew thwm, thanx.

the “stylish nihilists” full length for Revelation Records from 2003 is even better, but I just wanted to start with this EP, maybe you can find it here in the next days (rss feed if you´re interested 😉 )

I kinda like this but then again I kinda don’t. Maybe it’s cos At The Drive In annoy the hell out of me for some reason. I can hear a lot of Fugazi and post-hardcore stuff in it, even a bit of Q and not U, but it doesn’t seem to work.

They get some pretty dodgy reviews over at Punknews.org, too…

maybe you are right, the review has some points that really hit the nail. many good ideas, but the songs don´t stay in mind after a long time. it is a good record, but at the moment I think it the weakest record I presented at my blog until today

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