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Decahedron – Disconnection Imminent

Posted on: November 3, 2007

The band from Fugazi bassist Joe Lally, Frodus guitarist Shelby Cinca and Frodus drummer Jason Hamacher, formerly known as The Black Sea. For their debut full length from 2004 they spent eight months of recording intermittently in their home studio and continue on the hard-edged driven way, with razor sharp guitars and pounding drums. Cinca tends to deliver his lyrics with ragged shouts, but also exhibits impressive control over his screams, which at times manage to border on melodic. Lally’s smooth, even tenor, meanwhile, offers a balance that’s highly effective in driving home the political rage that seethes within the band’s lyrics. But this rage sometimes could been presented in more poetic lyrics, they are too simplistic sometimes. But the music is still fantastic, once you hear the rhythm section starts creating solid grooves amongst all the crashing guitars, you just can’t turn it off, Decahedron grabs you by the throat right from the start! It is a memorable post-hardcore full-length debut and if you liked the Black Sea EP (or Frodus and Fugazi), you have to get this one!

Delete false culture! (file is down, leave a comment if you wish a reup)


2 Responses to "Decahedron – Disconnection Imminent"

Thanks a lot!!

Ill create an mp3 blog only for you jaja

hope you like it as the black sea ep. I´m going to add your blog to my links!

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