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Orlando Cachaito López – Cachaito

Posted on: October 24, 2007

Ariel presented the worldwide megaselling Buena Vista Social Club record at his blog, a fine album and I had to ask myself why I never presented Orlando “Cachaito” López at urbanology, because he is an outstanding musician! Here we go, Orlando Lopez is the heart-beat of the Buena Vista Social Club. Born in Havana, Cuba in 1933 Orlando continues the legendary lineage of bassists from the López family and his musical career started at very early age of 11 years, playing bass in a local orchestra. His early desire was to play the violin, but family tradition forced him to be a bassist. Later stations were the Arcana y sus Maravillas band, a legendary cuban big band that had been around since before Cachiato was born. In the 1950s he helped to develope the descarga, a jazz-styled improvisation music with Afro-Cuban rhythms, besides his father Orestes López and his uncle Israel “Cachao” López, the brothers who were the founding father of the descarga. Several other bands followed and Orlando López developed his typicall way to play the bass,

a big, powerful but precise tone, with an ability to change key fast to accompany the exceptional soloists, (a precision coming from classical training and the demands of the formal structure of the danzón), the ability to sight read and most of all a powerful rhythmic drive and a huge swing and groove.

Worldwide attention he gained with the Buena Vista Social Club, he played on every track on every album and also has been a constant member of Ibrahim Ferrer’s, Rubén González’s and Omara Portuondo´s world-wide touring groups. 2001 Orlando recorded his solo debut and invited musicians like Bigga Morrison from Jamaica at the organ, Miguel Díaz and Amadito Valdés playing at the Congas & Timbales, DJ Dee Nasty from Paris, saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis, Ibrahim Ferrer and all backed up by a fantastic selection of cuban and international jazz musicians.

A great album is the result, with an open minded band leader who blends elements of Cuban Jazz, Rocksteady, Funk to Hip Hop into a wonderful album, a Cuban jazz wall of sound with decidedly untraditional elements.

Siempre con Groove.


13 Responses to "Orlando Cachaito López – Cachaito"

I really enjoy this album, just can’t stop listening to it. Thanks alot for uploading it!

Oh and BTW can you upload more of those Cuban Jazz music? Cause i really don’t know shit about it and want to discover a bit about this kind of music. I really got addicted to it, even if i have only 2 albums with this kind of genre.

Thanks for that. Haven’t listened to it, but your write-up got my mouth watering, so… 😉

and do you like it 9@home?

ariel, I have some more afro-cuban-jazz sureshots, at the moment I don´t find the time for it, but you can expect it in the next week! 🙂

I have found very interesting music at this place. Thanks a lot.
I have been reading the words yo wrote about “The Black Sea”. I was very interested in that and now, Ive got it XD.

My english is not very good (I am from The Basque Country) but I hope you understand me.
I am interested in “Decahedron”. They have a full lenght it sin´t?
Try posting about it and uploading the album if it is possible.

Thanks a lot!!

hi urtaur, I understand you – no problem! and if you want the decahedron, you got it!

Hell yeah! This is just what I needed…
I’m a sucker for basslines and drum patterns, and I guess I just got served… 😉
Actually, Cachaito’s album goes into the batch of “stuff to listen to while reading for uni.” I’m constantly looking for entertaining but non-intrusive music to study to. So I can bob my head while reading and thinking… Excellent stuff. Thanks for that.

Great Music–Thank you-the best performer of BVSC !

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Fat ass Bassist! Charles Mingus is the other HEAVYWEIGHT. “Mingus Ah Um” & “Black Saint & The Sinner Lady” are worth your attention. Really!

oh yes, charles mingus is so awesome, black saint is a record I play so often. and I want to check out sinner lady since months, thanks to your comment I will do it now!

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