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Anti-Pop Consortium – Arrhythmia

Posted on: October 20, 2007

The Anti-Pop Consortium draw a experimental medium somewhere between the streets and the laptop, with cerebral lyrics straight from the poetry cafe. The largely sterile and inorganic beats, favoring programming over sampling dusty vinyl, are progressive and the arrhythmic beats the bumping heart of the Anti-Pop Consortium (Beans, Sayyid, and High Priest). The three are similarly unconventional in their lyrics, more in their weird, considered, always heady content, than in how they flow. Just listen to how a track like “Ping Pong” plays with you, whose stereo-effected beats are really the click-clacking of a table-tennis-ball being played. And they manage to do some groovy things over that.

The record is on Warp, so everything sounds synthetisized and worked up on computers, of course! This album should be listened to both by the hip hop crowd and the electronica lovers. This is the sort of experimental hip hop that tries to deconstruct and rebuild the discipline of hip-hop from the ground up. These songs repeatedly undercut the listener’s conceptions of what experimental hip-hop should be all about. APC split up right after bringing the quality of their work to this high point in 2002. Beans recorded some solo stuff after the split up, Sayyid and High Priest are now releasing as Airborne Audio.

Disturb the equilibrium


8 Responses to "Anti-Pop Consortium – Arrhythmia"

a.p.c. was a great band; beans and high priest have done good albums alone.
dabrye is great!

A cool concept for a blog that’s just a little different.

Nice work. 🙂


thank you! I hope to be not the average-every-day-blog, nice to see some people like the stuff I offer, keep visiting and commenting 🙂

This is so fucking good , i just knew beans , but not this great sound , always take the good side of technology , so creative , dope beats!

I have another record from APC – tragic epilogue
if you´re interested just let me know!

and beans “tomorrow right now”, his first solo record , I can offer you too

and I´m sure you will love Dabrye (with Beans guest appereance!) as much as APC, so get if you don´t know it yet 🙂


[…] the demise of the Anti-Pop Consortium, Beans is the first to re-emerge, following his “Nude Paper” EP released three years […]

this is nice. great blog. very well reviewed.

i just got myself a copy of APC cd, shopping cart crashing, i like it.

right now i’m searching for APC song called “heat ray” or something… i can’t remember. but something that sounds like that.

[…] this offering, all of them differ in length and scope, but all of them are exceedingly electronic. Beans, for the most part, eschews the boom-bap of rap in lieu of pushing into new territory: the further […]

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