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Swing Kids – Discography

Posted on: October 11, 2007

An important time of progression for hardcore music were the 1990s, when several bands created new sounds and hardcore music changed fast and finally split up (once again…) in diverse scenes, from tough-guy-metal-bullshit to a innovative, political scene all around the world, which transformed the music into new spheres and kept the original punk spirit alive. One of the epicentre of this movement was San Diego, with the Swing Kids as one of their important bands. But not only outstanding for San Diego, Swing Kids created a whole new sound and brought the progressions of the last years to the point, Screamo (built up from the words scream and emotion) was born. Chaotic song structures, screamed vocals, melodic guitars – no one did it in this intensity before.

Swing Kids only released a debut 7inch and a split 10inch with Spanakorzo, 8 tracks (one a Joy Division cover version!) that took the world by storm (plus one previously unreleased song on the discography) and made an impressive mark in the little time that they existed. They broke up 1997, but the impact they left and the sound they pioneered & inspired can be heard in many bands until today.

Eric Allen, who committed suicide in 1998, played also with hardcore band Unbroken, other members later went on to acts such as The Locust, Some Girls, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Bread and Circuits and Yaphet Koto. If you are into hardcore you know how good all this bands were/are.

Clean Shade of Dirty.


5 Responses to "Swing Kids – Discography"

Howya, excellent post! Love this album… so many good things about it.

It was a real eye-opener for me to hear a band whose entire discography was a little over twenty minutes long… and then a love affair with emo was born.

I really like the Joy Division cover too. I haven’t seen ‘Closer’ yet but I don’t reckon it’ll make the soundtrack, unfortunately!

Finally, if you like this particular genre you might enjoy what I posted for the very first post on my blog… also good if you like art… or noisy music in general: http://hardcorefornerds.blogspot.com/2007/08/han-shan-st-7.html

Cheers, Gabba

thank you, swing kids also was a eye-opener for me. I was into punk and hardcore music before, but not in that special sound. I very rarely listen to all the old punk/hc stuff, with one exception: all that screamo/emo/post-hardcore madness. still loving it, still touching me deeply after all this years

hey, cool blog here too…leave a comment next time!

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