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The Black Sea – Black Sea

Posted on: October 1, 2007

I remembered the Black Sea 3-track EP while reading this post about Frodus, a fantastic DC-based band that invented the spazzcore sound (building the foundation for bands like At the Drive-Inn and The Blood Brothers) and was one of the most innovative groups in the indie/post-hc scene amongst other bands like Fugazi or Engine Down in the nineties. After Frodus broke up in 1999, Jason Hamacher and Shelby Cinca reunited a few month later in a new, unnamed project. They soon joined up with longtime Fugazi acquaintance Joe Lally: The Black Sea, once a project, was now a band. The Black Sea only released these 3 tracks, but just because they had to change their name and so the three guys released under the name Decahedron one full-length and one EP, both on Lovitt Records as well and more noisy and dirty, but still dark and atmospheric. If you are interested in the Decahedron full length, leave a comment to let me know!

Lovitt yells:

The songs illustrate the technical and songwriting process along The Black Sea’s dark spectrum. Dim and enigmatic, the group creates an atmosphere propelled by a ferociously compact rhythm section and enhanced by a sole wafting voice. The roiling and tumbling of the Joe Lally’s bass and Jason Hamacher’s drums create a thick veil which Shelby Cinca’s plaintive voice pierces effortlessly and tirelessly.

The Black Sea offer a unique new departure from the slashing rhythmic sound that has come to define the DC rock underground over the past decade and a half.

“I´ve become weak from staring in the stars”


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[…] Joe Lally, Frodus guitarist Shelby Cinca and Frodus drummer Jason Hamacher, formerly known as The Black Sea. For their debut full length from 2004 they spent eight months of recording intermittently in their […]

is there any way you can shoot out other links to decahedron other than disconnection? really good band!

they only released “disconnection”, this black sea ep and another ep, but I don´t own it, sorry

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