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Jedi Mind Tricks – violent by design

Posted on: September 28, 2007

Besides the intro from this album I only know one other intro that is able to set you in the right mood in seconds, it´s GZA´s “Liquid Swords“. Jedi Mind Tricks took the famous speech (“Beware the beast man, for he is the Devil’s pawn.”) from “Planet of the Apes“, one of the best sciene fiction movies ever (of course I´m not talking about the boring remake!).

On their second release Jedi Mind Tricks perfected the straight-in-your-face-rap with raw and brutal beats, generating a claustrophobic, blood freezing atmosphere, so even Wu Tang could learn a lesson in darkness from the Jedi Mind Tricks and their Tour da Doom celebrated on “Violent by Design”.

“We believe in raw rhymes and raw beats. We make music to fight to. Fight Club shit.”

The lyrics of MC Vinnie Paz (the other half of the Philly-based duo is DJ Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind) are dealing with apocalytpic themes, conspiracies, hate, religion and violence, the armageddon of mankind. To say he would do it in a critical and dissociated way, would mean to write down a lie. The lyrics supplement the raw beats in fantastic way, but they are doubtful in more than one case.

If you want raw and brutal hip hop, your first choice is Jedi Mind Tricks and “Death March” (feat. Virtuoso & Esoteric) [yeah, a good example for doubtful song titles] in special, track 6 on this album. Razor-sharp beats and raps, cap your nerve strands with surgerical precision.

Shaolin Shadowboxing in a Star Wars Universum full of blood.


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[…] rush – Tadd Mullinix a.k.a. Dabrye created an unstoppable manifesto with this album. When the Jedi Mind Tricks just reproduce the every day violence of a system that let people starving to death and forces […]

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