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Silver Apples – contact

Posted on: September 24, 2007

“Silver Apples is an organic mechanism composed of the Simeon and the Taylor Drums!”

The Simeon is played by Simeon Coxe, the Simeon itself an impressive collection of electronic paraphernalia which ultimately included a dozen oscillators, six of them tuned to bassnotes which he played with his feet, an assortment of sound filters, telegraph keys, radio parts, labgear and a variety of secondhand electronic junk. Together with the strange vocals and the drums this one is really sounding weird. This album is from 1969 and so fuckin´ avantgarde, Silver Apples were pioneers of electric music. Using hypnotic repetitions, weird electronic sounds, intense vocals and musical structures influenced by the psychedelic- and prog-rock the Silver Apples created a sound universum of their very own.

Dig in music history and oscillate!


2 Responses to "Silver Apples – contact"

Hey man, thanx for the coment in New Progshine about Analogy!

Hey, i have a good surprise with your blog, nice albuns here, wanna trade links?

PS. Maybe you like my other blog http://www.progshine.blogspot.com

gday mate nice little blog you’ve got here very eclectic taste. i like.

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