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Embee – Tellings from Solitaria

Posted on: September 13, 2007

Em-what, Embee, Em-who, Embee!

I don´t like top-lists, rankings and the tell-me-your-top5-albums stuff. Too many good albums for too many moods, situations and different ways of living your life. But if, yeah if I had to name my number one (post-) hip hop/urban sounds/turntablism/IthinkYouGetWhatIMeanWhat´sTheProblemWithTheseRankings record, Embee´s “Tellings from Solitaria” has a good chance to be on the top. And sadly I often meet people who even don´t know this fantastic music genius and his solo work. Most people think about Embee only as the producer of Looptroop. But “Tellings from Solitaria” is more than a hip hop record, it´s an cosmopolitan composition, written on his trips around the world. Of course hip hop beats are the foundation and of course Looptroop are featured on one track. Furthermore Timbuktu (released a new album this days!) and Rico Wondahman. But the support from the Reinis Zarins Jazz Quartet on several tracks bursts the boundaries and it goes on with the smooth and soulful Vanessa Liftig or guitarero José Gonzales. And the instrumental tracks are dreamy killers, perfect to drive through the urban jungle by your local mass transit system at night. To make a long story short: An overwhelming album from Sweden, grab this one and spread the word:

EMBEE for president!


3 Responses to "Embee – Tellings from Solitaria"

I like a lot. Thanks för returning from whereever you where and posting shit like this!


Dr Zoidberg

[…] 1. Embee – tellings from solitaria […]

Està guapo. Gracias por el aporte!!

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