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Sepultura – Roots

Posted on: August 22, 2007

It´s not hard to guess, this will be the record which will reach less interest from you, my dear readers. But it is awesome music, so don´t be put off ´cause this is metal. I only own a very few metal records, Slayer´s “Reign in Blood”, Metallica´s “Master of Puppets” and some Sepultura records. The group from Brazil recorded milestones of the trash metal genre like “Arise” and “Beneath the Remains”. 1993 they released “Chaos A.D.” and opened towards other music influences, soon the conservative metal scene blamed it as lame music and rejected the more tuned down guitars. While they still were whining about the “good ol´days”, Sepultura released 1996 “Roots”, a pure masterpiece of unbelievable energy, desperation, anger – a brutal punch in the face of an inhuman fucked up world. The guitars are downtuned even more – you can hear the Hardcore influences (sometimes labeled as Nu-Metal, what a crap), maybe friendship and touring with Hardcore band Strife was important for this development – and Sepultura experimenting with Brazilian rhythms on the whole record. The band traveled to the Mato Grosso region of Brazil to record with the Xavantes tribe. They jammed with the tribe, using recording equipment powered by car generators, as well as live drumming from percussionist Carlinhos Brown added new horizons to Sepultura and Metal music. This raw and dirty sound with feedbacks and background noise shocked the metal scene, but Sepultura got enthusiastic reviews from more open minded people from all over the globe, and also some metal fans appreciated the new breed.

After “Roots”, internal conflict drove Max Cavalera – vocals and guitar – to leave Sepultura and form Soulfly, continuing the “tribal metal” of Roots; Sepultura carried on with new singer Derrick Green. But neither band has regained the intensity of “Roots”. If you´re into rock, only a little bit, check this out. Or like Max Cavalera shouts in “Breed Apart”:

Open up your mind and go your own way!


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99% of my friends draw a line with metal. not me. cheers

[…] metal record at this blog (beside some metal-influenced hardcore bands), Sepultura´s milestone  “roots”. And I like to listen to well done metal from time to time, but only a very few records are worth a […]

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