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Beginner – Blast Action Heroes

Posted on: August 2, 2007

Hip Hop from Germany Part 1

Some people requested german (conscious) hip hop after reading the posting about Bözemann (“The Bad Man”) and the actual tendencies in german hip hop. Ok, here we go: Beginner´s last record “Blast Action Heroes” from 2003. And yeah, I can see all the guys rolling their eyes and screaming “why didn´t you take this and that group/record?” Yes, there are a lot of good and legendary records, but I decieded to choose this one. Why? Because it is one of my personal favourites and the Beginner are on the spot since 1992. In this year they released the first EP, but they still were named “Absolute Beginners” and rapped in English. A few EPs and years later they changed the name to “Absolute Beginner” (just the german translation) and started to write lyrics in german. Because of this decision 3 of 7 band members left the Beginner. 1996 first longplayer “Flashnizm” was released and the tour with live-instrumentation strengthened the Beginners reputation as an awesome live act. Two years later second record “Bambule” hit the national charts, but the Beginner – likeable as ever – never did act like super stars or rap heroes until today. On “Bambule” they shrunk to a trio, consisting of Eizi Eiz (a.k.a. Jan Delay), Denyo and DJ Mad. After a remix record in 2000, Jan Delay and Denyo started solo projects. Jan Delay a fantastic reggae band and Denyo recorded some laid-back hip hop tracks. A second record from Denyo a.k.a. Denyo 77 has been released 2005, another Jan Delay monster 2007 – now changed the sound from reggae to funk. And beside all this, Denyo took part in the Brothers Keepers project. This was formed 2001 from some afro-german artists, after a new wave of racist violence hit non-whites in Germany and NeoNazis killed several people. Nowadays the Brothers Keepers engage mainly against racism and sexism within hip hop, but fascist youth groups and racist consens is still a serious problem in some areas of Germany.

Well, soloprojects killed the Beginner? No, 2003 “Blast Action Heroes” showed in an impressive way the state of art for the german hip hop scene. The Beginner are on of the last remaining groups from the last century, their hometown Hamburg – once the Mecca of hip hop in Germany – lost this status to Berlin and gangsta rap rules the scene now. But the Beginner still drop smart lines and fresh beats, this is the opposite of dull! You are not sure if you should give this a chance? Ok, bang your head to “Fäule” or smile to the feel-god hit “Gustav Gans” – by the way: this vid is not silly, it´s a adequate answer to all this gangsta-rap bullshit. Hammerhart? Yeah “Hammerhart“!

Blast Action Heroes – leave some feedback on this record, I´m interested if this ill record also flashes without understanding the eloquent lyrics.


5 Responses to "Beginner – Blast Action Heroes"

cool site, we should exchange links. peace.

this is crazy shit, german language with a flow, unbelievable!

Ich liebe die Platte. Hab sie auf Vinyl. Nachdem manche ja schon “Schiss” hatten, dass die Jungs nicht mehr zusammen finden, kamen sie zurück und haben sich gleich wieder ganz oben drauf gesetzt, auf hip-hop Deutschland. Und wenn der Rest der Welt sich trauen würde, sich das anzuhören, und vielleicht nur ein paar der Wortspiele und bitterbösen Verweise verstünde, so wären die Beginner auch weltweit gross.
Ich hab die Jungs erst letzten Monat wieder mal live gesehen. Die waren locker die besten von einem ganzen Abend voller Stars.

Überigens: Ich werd dich bei mir mal linken. Schöner Lesestoff und eine interessante Auswahl an Musik hier.
Auf meinem Blog werd ich in Bälde eine Serie von deutschen Klassikern bringen. (Nein, nicht der Wolferl, ich mein Advanced Chemistry, die Massiven, vielleicht auch was von den Beginnern, Freundeskreis, Fettes Brot, Eins Zwo, etc.)

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